Secrets of password cracking in Windows

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Today we are going to discuss about how to crack windows password and how to beat password crackers

password cracking in Windows

The first step in any password-cracking exercise is to obtain the password hashes.
Depending on version of windows , you can achieve this in a number of ways.
Windows system password hashes are stored in %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\config\SAM
it means windows password hash is stored in - C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM, which is locked as long as windows OS is running.
The SAM file is also represented as one of the five major hives of the windows registry under the key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM.
This key is not available for casual perusal, even by the Administrator account.
On domain controllers, password hashes are kept in the Active Directory ( C:\Windows\WindowsDS\ntds.dit0. Now that we know where the goodies are stored, how do we get at them? There are number of ways, but the easiest is to extract the password hash from SAM by booting computer using a live cd or USB of Linux.
You can also use some tools that works offline / without booting windows to extract password hash from SAM.
Now we are going to discuss extracting password hash using pwdump tool:--
With administrator access , password hashes can easily be dumped directly from Registry into a structured format suitable for offline analysis.
The original utility for accomplishing this is called pwdump tool, which uses DLL injection to insert themselves into a privileged running process ( typically lsass.exe) in order to extract password hashes. You just need to download this tool and run it with administrator privilege in target system.
You can also use some graphical tools to crack password which includes LCP, Cain, OphCrack, L0phtCrack.

Now let's talk how to beat any password cracking tool from hacking your system password:--
As we all know windows is most popular OS in computer world, that's why sometimes it gets difficult for us to find such solutions.
I was also worried about my system security when I used to know that anyone can enter my system easily.
You can get a simple and successful solution to beat password crackers here. Visit here/


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