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Internet Photo Shops have picked up very fast for the past ten years or so. Here what all you need to do is - Just upload your photographs and place an order to get your photographs in the form desired by you! Now today in this review I am going to discuss about one of the famous online Photo Shop site by name!

Photography Is Easier Hobby Now!

There was a time when the 'Photography' used to be a hobby which needed much of technicalities. Together with technicalities and the expenses involved this hobby used to be restricted to a certain class of people.

With the change in technology and advent of Digital Camera today photography no more remains a hobby but it has become necessity in one's life.

The modern digital cameras are so user friendly that your three year kid can become a photographer. Just click a shot and transfer it to your PC and get print out of your Computer. No messing anymore with the foul smelling chemicals!

People who don't want to get the prints from their printers today can go to various photo shops or Studios to get the prints within no time!

To make the things easier now one can get prints from photo shops by using internet. This is an article covering details about the on line photo shop Shutterfly!

What is Shutterfly? basically is an online photo service. As claimed by them, they are the experts in internet based social expansion and personal publishing services!

This is one of the reputed business houses comprising of 7 eminent board of directors with an efficient management team of 35 members to support the operations. The success of this firm can be assessed from the fact that they have more than 2.4 millions of global customers with them today and thy have printed more than 2.3 billons of images till the date!

This site which was founded in 1999 with its head quarters based at Red Wood, United States, had a record number of orders of 7.1 millions in the year 2007 which is about 19,300 orders per day to boast its success story!

What It Does?

On this site one can upload any number of pictures to store them free on this site without using any storage space of the PC used.

Thus the pictures are stored at the cost of the sites storage space. These pictures can be retrieved from any computer once it is connected through the internet.

The uploaded pictures can be stored in the desired forms say in the form of an album or a folder after editing them on the site with the tools provided on the site.

These photographs can be viewed by your friends and relatives without logging in, if they have link!

Having stored these pictures one can place order with Shutterfly to get prints of the photographs in various sizes and forms as discussed below under a separate head!

What All One Can Do in the Editing the Pictures On the Site?

Having uploaded the pictures for free one can store the pictures in the desired manner which can be viewed at any given time just by getting connected to the site on line!

The pictures can be organized as per one's need. They can be arranged and rearranged by simple click and drag procedure!

The pictures can be enlarged to the desired size and stored.

The pictures can be cropped to desired shape and size before they can be stored!

The red eyes which are a common problem with the digital camera with flash can be corrected with the tool provided before storing the same!

Different borders of the choice can be added to the pictures uploaded on the site!

How to Upload the Pictures?

One can go to this site by using the address This address opens the home page of the site where one can upload the pictures after creating a free Account.

The uploading can be done simply by following the easy to follow step by step instructions!

What Are the Other Services Provided by this Site?

Apart from storing and printing the pictures on the order in various sizes this firm has got expertise in printing pictures on the artist's canvas.

They are experts in preparing Posters, Photo books, Cards of various types for different occasions, Calendars, Photo Gifts ( Photo printed on gift articles of one's choice), Gift Certificates, Centre Stage Products, DVDs , Scrape Book Pages, Mini Album , Framed pictures to hang them on the Wall, Jig Saw puzzles etc.

Practically they can print any photograph of your choice on any printable surface at a very competitive price!

About the Orders!

The orders can be placed on line under the prescribed head to receive them at the door step or the same can be collected from the pick up point at target stores.

The charges are very nominal for the persons staying in US but for out side US the postage charges may be bit on higher side!

But then it saves a lot of time and troubles one normally encounter to get such services from the local service stores thus making the whole affaire a profitable one!

What Are the Advantages One Gets On This Site?

Apart from getting free unlimited number of pictures uploaded and stored on this site, the new member is entitled to get 30 free Prints of the pictures of 4"x 6" size which will be delivered at the door in US or can be picked up from the pick point at Target Stores.

The site never deletes any picture once it is entered, so the photographs will be permanently there on the site serving as the sweet memories for one in later part of life and as an asset for the subsequent generations of the family to come!

The pictures can be shared with other members after getting formal consent from them which definitely is a big advantage.

Similarly kid's pictures can be added to their favorite Characters to make the pictures attractive and live ones!

Humane Activities of Shutterfly!

Apart from conducting the business in online photo services the Shutterfly has a Shutterfly Foundation which has a vision of making the World better place by helping people to share the joy of the life.

They are actively helping institutions and Communities by granting donations and by providing organized assistance.

This gesture of this firm should be highly appreciated!

Personal Experience!

When my childhood friend who is residing in US has presented a Collage with many pictures arranged in an attractive way made by the shutterfly, which is simply a superb one, I was highly impressed with the quality of work!

Now having got myself enrolled as a member I uploaded a few pictures on the site and also experimented with few of them by using their editing tools.

These tools are very easy to use and quite effective. Since I have used similar tools in Photo impression previously I found no difficulty in editing my pictures.

I am thinking to place an order to get one beautiful collage of pictures comprising my family and pets.

Other Online Photo Services!

Addresses of other sites which provide similar services are furnished as under which can be utilized to compare the prices and also the services offered:
1. a online photo service provider for Indian Customers.
2. an on line photo service provider for UK residents.
5. www.time

The Kodakgallary has been shut down few months back in 2012, and has been taken up by Shutterfly now.

My Opinion!

Having experienced the uploading the photographs and editing them before storing them, this site should be a great boon for one and all to store the pictures for the members of the subsequent generations to come!

The services provided on this web site are innovative and cost effective thus making them very attractive.

Many of the products can be used as gifts for friends and family members with a touch of personal care by using their pictures on the gift items.

Since this firm is involved in charitable activities I think one should definitely encourage this site and prefer this site to others at the time of needed services!


The Services provided by this firm may be bit expensive for the people staying out side US.

The pictures uploaded on this site can be viewed by any one without even login in the site!

The Photographs uploaded on the site becomes the property of the site and they can be used by the site at any place, which is clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions!

Barring the above three things I don't see any disadvantages about this site!

Children below 13 are not permitted to enroll as members! So parents have to be careful about this aspect and help and guide them if they are keen to become a member of this site!

PS: Please note the Pictures used in the article have been taken from Google search.I sincerely convey my thanks.

My Other Hobby.

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My Favorite Hollywood Movie.

Movie On Ruskin Bond's Novel.


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