Simple Ways to Quickly Create Content That Makes You Money

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It is clear that content marketing is more effective cheapest form of marketing that creates results consistently ( aka dollars ) for your business.

Simple Ways to Quickly Create Content That Makes You Money

It is clear that content marketing is more effective cheapest form of marketing that creates results consistently ( aka dollars ) for your business.

The next step for you as a busy entrepreneur is to find a way to consistently create the content you need to engage , educate and connect with your audience. There are a variety of options available for outsourcing this, but the quickest way to start is to create your own content.

The more you write , the faster you'll grow on writing effective content , shocking is truly valuable to your ideal client.

Since you 're pressed for time, here are 10 easy tips you can implement today to speed up the process :

1. Eliminate distractions - Disconnect from the network. Close Facebook . Activate the answering machine . Close the door of the home office if possible .

Try to choose the ideal time of day to write - for example , time could be 8:30 am, when you have freshly brewed coffee sitting at his desk that cup , children are safe at school and their first date doesn 't start at 10:30 am .

You want to ensure that the sacred space of time : You will be surprised how easy it is to start writing creatively , where a daily habit.

Two . Be brief - For example, a blog post idea is easily fit within 350-450 words. ( If you are going 750 words , you have two or more ideas - divide !)

Three . Re-use and Re - cycle - Do you have old articles you've written ? Reports ? Blog Posts that never took off ? Put to good use and re- purpose new blog entries .

This is how ...

• Choose .

• Write a short message (no more than 450 words ), just in that one idea alone .

4 . Write about what you know - Stick to subjects you know by heart and be able to put out a piece of quality content with very little effort . (Hint : Think of the top 3 potential customers you always ask questions and write about them!)

5 . Share a gem - If you produce a really fascinating fact, useful link , hidden shortcut or a little known resource, you do not really need to write pages and pages about it! Your audience simply want your food to go gold .

6. Make your reader want more - It is better to leave readers wanting more than put to sleep with pages of research weight or - even worse - his , in unprecedented depth review . (Think "hook" ) .

7. Create a set - This is a way to break a longer topic up , deal with it point by point. While the reader will get the idea or technique that you are sharing your blog still leave pleased - perhaps even excited - and wanting more .

8. Keep a "Jar Idea" - Either a literal (as in a notebook ) or a file folder on the desktop. ( Evernote is a great place to capture information organized like this) . Whenever an idea for a blog that hits you , keep it there and you never have to " figure out " what to write.

9. Stick to a basic structure - Be sure to learn the basic structural elements of a strong entry in the blog:

• A paragraph beginning that makes a statement and promises to learn what the reader

• A summary that brings its message to a firm conclusion

• A call to action , comments or click-throughs tempt your reader

Do not use sub headers and / or a few points , if your message is more than 350 words long . Sub Heads and bulleted text break ... and make the reader feel that his message is even easier and faster to read !

10. Not edit as you write - Doing so is the safest way :

Taking the fire of your writing

• Go on a tangent

• Loss of conversational feel and immediacy of your message

• Weakening their own confidence

• Set how you say things in front of his vital message

• Stealing time away from their day and their addition to the writing process

• Pull your rhythm ( story flow )

Even if you do not use each of these 10 tips for writing speed content , tailored to everyone you can. Write efficient and fast content marketing is mostly a matter of habit and practice. And the best part is ... anyone can do it ! Try it and see !


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Good guidance. Very nice. Hope to see more. Thank you.

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