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My observations about enjoying food and savoring the moment.

Slow Food? I've heard of Fast Food, but...

It's interesting where following links on the internet can lead you to new sites and new (or in this case "old") ways of thinking. In doing so, it can also take you back to fond memories and treasured moments. That was the case when I stumbled onto The Slow Food movement, You can click on the link for more information, but let me tell you where it took me.

It reminded me of the many lunches I've had in remote parts of the world, and how they seemed like festive events provided by our hosts for the enjoyment of us Americans. Certainly, nobody would entertain the idea of lunch lasting over two hours and copious amounts of wine being consumed over several courses as "normal". Several come to mind, but I think my favorite was in the south of France on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Crusty French Bread, fresh fruit, olives, olive oil for dipping, sour gerchin pickles, liver pates, grainy mustards, cold cuts, and wine, of course. But now I'm getting off target.

The specific lunch that came to mind was right here in the USA. It was at one of my favorite restaurants, Bacari Grill in Washington Township, NJ I was working with a gentleman from France selling Burgundy wines. We had an excellent lunch with excellent service, and I thought everything was perfect. We ordered, it was delivered timely, we ate, had coffee and dessert, and I figured it was time for the check and back to work. That was the furthest thing from the mind of my French companion who became increasingly annoyed each time our server came by to ask if we were okay. I thought she was doing a great job, while he wanted to relax and enjoy some "down" time before getting back to work.

This is my round-about way of getting to my point about Slow Food. Fast Food has been a part of my vocabulary since my earliest memories. It's connotation is so etched in my brain that, at first, I couldn't comprehend the concept of Slow Food. Whereas, I was so concerned about maintaining a schedule and getting as much done in one day as possible, it didn't occur to me that taking a few moments extra after lunch just might be the catalyst to a more productive afternoon.

My point is, taking the time to appreciate a great quality lunch and appreciate it simply for the pleasure of the experience shouldn't be an abnormality. It should be the norm. As for the excellent service, it is understandable given that most people are on a schedule. My hat is off to the staff of Bacari Grill. Just remember, not everybody is in a rush to get back to work, that lesson I've learned and made it part of my life. I believe that is part of the basics of the Slow Food movement, but there is much more to it than that. I'm glad I stumbled on to it and can now read on and learn more. Hopefully, you will do the same and pass along the idea of enjoying the pleasure of food and the time it takes to enjoy it.



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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice theme, William.Not only in terms of time spent on food, we seem to be lost in own pursuits that consume all our time. I am observing families here in Asia doing own thing on cell phones while seated together at restaurants, parks etc - siva

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
17th Oct 2013 (#)

Good evening, William; I'll second Siva's comment. At my house, cell phones are not allowed at the table, and we each spend 10 minutes talking about our day. Actively listening to someone else slows the pace of eating.
I also figure if it took 3 hours to make a great meal, the least we can do is spend an hour eating it. :) ~Marilyn

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author avatar William Hock
17th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for commenting, Siva and Marilyn. Good point, Marilyn about the time it takes to prepare the food!

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