Smart Buying Tips Lagu MP3 Players

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These few tips you should consider when buying a mp3 player.

Smart Buying Tips Lagu MP3 Players

At this time, who does not want to listen to your favorite music directly on your ear? There are lots of MP3 player devices that are sold in the market with cheap, attractive design and of course with a capacity that may be pitted.

But do not rush just choose MP3 Player for his physical. In order not like buying a cat in a sack, consider buying tips guide MP3 Player below.

Compatibility with Computers
Compatibility with the type of computer you have is important, since there will be some things you should do with that device. Connecting the MP3 Player is very common today is the USB. If you are a computer user with the Windows operating system, no need to worry because all display devices can work with.

But if you are a Mac user, you have two choices: selecting the iPod from Apple or the USB device Mass Storage Class-compliant (USB MC). MC USB MP3 player lets you connect to a computer without installing specific software. In addition to physical contact, make sure your computer has also been supporting MP3 software such as Windows Media Player. So that data exchange will be more easily done.

Media Storage
Media storage in MP3 players should also be noted. There are several common storage medium used in the MP3 Player. Hard Drive is the storage media with the largest capacity. The available capacity of 3GB to 100GB.

The drawback, this media is not resistant to shocks. If it were so, select all the media Flash Drive, which has a lighter weight and does not depend on the movement of the wearer. You can take your MP3 player for running and even some MP3 players which can be brought there in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the largest size that can be provided only 2GB Flash Drive. But the media is certainly more expensive than the Hard Drive.

For information, each at least 1 GB can hold 130 to 150 songs, depending on the quality and format of music files. There were other media named Micro Hard Drive or commonly referred to as a mini hard drive size really small with a size less than 2 inches, so the size of MP3 media player with an automatic is also smaller. But the capacity that can accommodate only about 1GB to 6GB only.

On price, medium one is more expensive than the Hard Drive but much cheaper than Flash Drive.

Battery used by the media MP3 Player with Hard Drive and Mini Hard Drive the same, namely rechargeable batteries. Easily, if discharged battery, the device is plugged into an electric live. Unfortunately, this device is difficult to be replaced independently or even sometimes you have to buy a new one if the battery is not functioning anymore.

While the media MP3 Player with Flash Drive does not require much energy, so that the battery used is usually only two AA or AAA batteries. Obvious shortcomings. If you run out, have to buy new again. But do not worry, because there are now also has AA or AAA batteries are rechargeable.

The fame today is OLED screen. Unfortunately, this type of screen wastes battery and sharpness of the image is still less good than the LCD screen. Screen MP3 Player with Hard Drive media is usually temporary measuring 2.5 inch screen with Flash media is about 1.5 inches.

For those of you who just use the MP3 player just as a music player, you can choose MP3 Player without a screen or a wide screen one line. Do not style by buying MP3 Player with a large resolution screen because the higher resolution screen, the greater the battery power is needed. Surely you do not want it, quickly drains the battery even if only to play the song?


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