Snicker's Ice Cream Mini's

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An interview of what a 5 year old thinks of the Snicker's Ice Cream Mini's and what I think of this little treat!

Snicker's Ice Cream Mini's

My 5 year old son and I were sitting at the kitchen table trying out the Snicker's Ice Cream Mini's when it hit me. I could interview him for an article. "Great idea," I told myself.

This is how it went. We had just finished our delicious treat when I asked him if I could interview him for an article. He said it was fine. So, I grabbed a piece of paper and started to jot down a question at a time.

Mommy: Was it just the right size for a treat?
JD: Yes!

He was very excited to have an ice cream treat in the middle of the afternoon.

Mommy: Would you try it again another day?
JD: Oh, yes!

I had to reword this question. Each time I tried I got a "No", until I hit this question. Other questions I asked were if he wanted another one. He most likely thought I was asking him if he wanted another one right now. So, I reworded it a little bit, "What about later, would you eat one later?"

Later to him means: not this very moment. So, to him he probably thought I was again asking him if he wanted another one right now! Finally I hit on the right question and he also realized what I was asking.

Mommy: What did you like most about it?
JD: The Chocolate!

That's my boy! At this point in the interview he got up out of his chair at the table and came to see what I was writing frantically about.

Mommy: Was there something about it you didn't like?
JD: No, I liked it. Always!

Well, it was just a question. He made a point that I knew he liked it!

Mommy: Did you find any peanuts?
JD: No, I found peanut butter.

Just to be sure I knew what exactly he was talking about I asked him about the Carmel.

Mommy: Did you find any Carmel? If so, was it yummy?
JD: Yes! Yes!

By this time he was bored of the interview and went to play with his toys. According to a 5 year old they are yummy Carmel, peanut butter filled ice cream treats that are just the right size for a treat!

We might need to have another later to find out about the peanut butter. I for one found a few peanuts just under the top of the chocolate. Under the peanuts sat a rich layer of creamy Carmel. On the bottom sits the Snicker nougat ice cream that completes what we love about the Snicker's bar to begin with.

I would recommend this treat to anyone that loves ice cream, can eat peanuts, and is a Snicker's lover!


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