Social Bookmarking Site War: Digg vs Mixx

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“Digg” and “Mixx” are two social and famous bookmarking websites. But, which is better?


Selection is an important part of the process of selecting the website for promoting articles. Every bookmarking website knows two things that first impression is last impression and time is money. It is important for the authors to identify the best website in order to achieve desired output from the hard work and to optimize the money making process.

Digg and Mixx

Digg and Mixx are two well known social bookmarking website. They have many similarities like that between rape and gene. They provide the ability:
1) To post articles, photos and videos.
2) To rate the post of others and vice verse.
3) To make friends.
4) To share post with friends.

Digg Vs Mixx

It has got many more dissimilarity like that between harry potter science and real science. They are:
1) “Mixx” is stricter as compared to “Digg” in terms of promoting of articles as a result account is more easily banned in “Mixx” than in “Digg”.
2) “Digg”, only tells about post likes but “Mixx” tells about both likes and dislikes of the post.
3) “Digg” separately shows the likes made by the friends, but it is absent in “Mixx”.
4) It is easier to make friends in “Digg” as compared to “Mixx” as friend request in “Digg” can be sent by viewing the proposed friend list but in “Mixx” visit to individual user is must.
5) “Digg” automatically gives you the total number of your friends and fans. While in case “Mixx”, you have to count them manually.
6) It is easier to find people with similar interests in “Digg” as compared to “Mixx” as it has option to look for people with similar interests and arrange them in descending order.
7) In “Digg” article can be sent to only 200 of your friends at a time, such a restriction is absent in “Mixx”.
8) “Mixx” gives several awards and medals to promote user performance, while no such thing exists in “Digg”. This increases popularity and traffic to profile and post.
9) “Mixx” allows creation and joining of topic specific communities and groups, which can increase the traffic to author’s site.

It may be difficult to make decision to select the best bookmarking website but “Digg” may appear to be more suitable for newcomers and “Mixx” for experienced personnel.


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