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"Yes, eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow, you shall die!" But not if one tasted a delicacy especially suitable to your taste buds.

The Soft Opening

Since I moved in in a new place less than two months, I had never been so curious about my community. Living in a villa compared to my then-countryside home is totally different. I could no longer hear the chirping of the birds every morning, I could no longer see the magnificent sunrise as it gracefully reflect its flare on the sea. I could no longer feel the sea breeze brushing my cheek and feel the cold chill as the night envelopes the day. Those were the things I truly missed the most and something that I would cherish for the rest of my life.

Albeit the concrete road, and treeless ambiance in my new community are so distinct, I start wandering around to see what I could do to pass my time away without boring myself. There is a swimming pool that opens for 12 hours (7AM-7PM), a tennis court, a gym, a basketball court and a really good place to jog - at least something that I could enjoy on weekends.

With these modern living and facility in this subdivision, I came to realize that adaptation is the key to truly enjoy my life in this urban jungle. I then feel the new sense of belonging and a new experience that I am thankful about so this is where I am taking you my dear, readers: a recently opened bistro that comes with elegance of modern bistro style with a delightful choice of food.

Chef's Bistro

We would have been in a different restaurant if only I didn't arrive late last Monday (March 23, 2015). It was my mom's 66th birthday and I promised her that we would be going out for dinner; however, we were all tired to dine in the restaurant we had in mind so we opted to Chef's Bistro, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City.

The staff greeted us warmly as they ushered us to the table good for 5: my mom, my younger brother, two nephews and me. Chef Eric who is a Korean guided us and handed us the menu He, himself, talked to us while making us feel comfortable in our seats.

The interior had me feel like I am at home with wooden chairs, a wine cellar at the counter, photos of the Chef in different restaurants he had worked and trained with previously and some photos in London and some other place. The yellow lighting creates a calming atmosphere, making the place an ideal bistro of class touche.

Italian, Korean and Filipino Taste

As the waitress handed us the menu, there was a selection of Pizza and Pasta, Sea Food, Chicken, Pork and Beef. It was rather a mix of Italian, Filipino and Korean delicacies.

Finally, we decided to have Crispy Pata and Pork Bulgogi for the main dish, "Pochero" or "Stewpot" for the soup, Sauteed Prawn with Creamy Sauce for seafood and Mixed Fruit Juice for our beverage and of course, Jasmine Rice Platter. I, myself, was really satisfied with the servings even though the Pochero was not too Filipino distinct taste and the Sauteed Prawn was not so tender and it was a bit creamy. However, my hungry mouth and the food's watery presentation governed my gastronomic craving that made me eat like an emaciated horse.

The Staff, the Ambiance and the Cost

The very first question I asked to the waitress before she took my order was:"Do you charge corkage fee because I'm bringing my mom's birthday cake?"
She smiled at me and said, "No. There is no corkage fee here. It is okay."

As I mentioned earlier, the staff are really warm and accommodating. They are hospitable and that is something that I really do want in a restaurant or in a bistro. Customers are pampered and well-served. My rating: 5 stars!

The ambiance is cool but I wonder why we were ushered at the rear end rather than near the counter even though at that time, I told them that I preferred near the counter than at the farther end of the bistro. Since the bistro was recently opened, the place was still quiet and orderly but I could notice that most of the customers are Koreans - something a bit odd and uncomfortable for me. ( I don't know why) My rating: 4 stars!

The food cost was a whacking 1,687.00 for the entire order which means that each of us has to pay 337 pesos if we had it in Dutch style. Well, I don't mind the price since I was satisfied with the experience. My rating: 4 stars!

However, I would recommend this bistro and experience it for yourself.
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