Some street foods that i know

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This is all about street foods, different kind of it. Every countries have there own specialty and many people also enjoying street foods.

Some street foods that i know

People getting too adapted and getting to know these street foods. Many of this can be found in Asian countries especially in the Philippines and other countries. Many Filipinos really love eating these foods, some may like some of this, and some may not. The safety of these foods is based on the one who are making and selling it. If some of you don't know it yet, you can search it; you will those images of these street foods. Some of this kind of food is really good taste, i also eat some of this. But for those who afraid eating those foods, you can make it at home, it is easy to cooked. Let me share this to all readers out there, those street foods that i know.

Parents are aware of the bad result of eating too much street foods, but street foods can be homemade foods which mommies can prepare for their families just to make sure that it is cleaned and well made. I am one of those people all over the world who ate street foods. I admit that sometimes it's enjoyable eating those streets foods even we know that there are consequences of eating those foods.
So, let us start.

Fish ball, this can easily found in the market and cooked at home.
Squid ball, this is also available in the market.
Steam bun, many people really love this. It can be fried bun or steam.
Scramble, sold anywhere
Proverb or chicken skin, I start to learn eating this last year, I am third year that time
Barbecue, grilled meat always sold in the street
Banana cue, this is also yummy
Intestine of pork or chicken, very popular in the Philippines
This is some of street food that i know in the Philippines.
This is some street food that i know from Ghana
Ken key, this is also similar to sourdough dumplings
Fried yams,
Bush meat,

In Nigeria, there is also a barbecue they, they really love it.

In China and other near country
What i know is kebabs, they are really popular there, i also like the taste of it.
They have curry fish balls and dim sum.

They also has streets food, I am familiar with their ram en noodles, octopus dumplings and castellated which is cake street food.

These are the streets foods that i know. Many of you know many street foods from other country that i didn't know. Feel free to share it here. Always remember it's not bad to eat those foods but too much is bad.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
30th Sep 2013 (#)

Nice and yummy post, youre making me hungry with Phillipine food especially Chopao made with manok o vaca! Love that wonderful lumpyia or adobo but these one homemade!

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author avatar ladyfoxxy
30th Sep 2013 (#)

I agree with you. Hmm yummy.. hahaha

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