Spirits in The Moonlight Blog Two

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Another blog interview promoting "Spirits in the Moonlight: A Collection of Haunted Poetry"

Spirits in The Moonlight Blog Two

Question 1: Your book “Spirits in the Moonlight: A Collection of Haunted Poetry” was just officially publicly released, who are your intended audience?
Answer: As I mentioned before, while promoting “Shadows of a Memory”, my target audience aren’t my friends, family or co workers. My target audiences are the people I don’t know. If a complete stranger walks up to me and gives me a huge compliment about my writing, then I know without a doubt, I’m doing something right and just the fact that it was a compliment from a person I don’t know, makes the compliment mean so much more.

Question 2: A recent reviewer has noticed that there are some pieces of poetry that were originally published in “Shadows of a Memory”. What’s the story behind the reprinting?
Answer: “Spirits in the Moonlight” does indeed contain 5 poems that were originally published in the first experimental book; the reasoning behind this is that it links the two books together. “Shadows of a Memory” starts a story of haunting’s and emotions, while “Spirits in the Moonlight” finishes that story.
Question 3: During the production of “Spirits in the Moonlight”, what was one thing that you remembered that was a hassle?
Answer: Let’s see… (Laughs)… I can remember a time when I finished up the manuscript, At the time, It was known as “Faces in the Moonlight” and I had submitted my manuscript for Publication, I remember… 3 days later, I spent at least 3 hours on the phone with my editor going over every single line and syllable of the manuscript. It was time consuming and not a really fun way to spend a day off from work.

Question 4: Speaking of Work, You’ve been working for Family Dollar for quite some time, how long do you see yourself working for Family Dollar?
Answer: That’s a very tough question to answer. I love working at Family Dollar, My co workers are awesome, plus, I enjoy doing my job. But at some point, you got to take a step back and as a young writer and ask yourself “What’s next?” What’s the best way and place to promote your books?” Do I see myself working at FD come February 2012, one year later? I don’t know, only time will tell what the next big step is in my life.

Question 5: Any advice for someone around the world with goals and ambitions just like you did years?
Answer: My advice to anyone with aspirations and goals is to not let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Never let an individual hold you back by believing that you can’t achieve your goal. Use their negativity to light a fire within you. Use that fire that sparks to fuel your passion and achieve your dreams and goals.

Once again, be sure to check out “Spirits in the Moonlight: A Collection of Haunted Poetry” at your local bookstore and online bookstores as well.

Purchase Link: http://www.publishamerica.net/product37582.html
Other places to Purchase book: Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Books a Million.com!

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