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The Chinese called them dragon lines. The ancient art of feng shui guides the homeowner in arranging furniture, particularly beds around these lines. Some call them ley lines. Wilcock calls them the Hartmann-Curry grid.

Tech that saves Lives

Amazon has got at the time of this writing (8/17/15 7:30 pm) 19 to sell of "Natural EM Meter by AlphaLab." If they sell out, AlphaLab has a whole bunch more. Cost is about $176 for a 9 volt battery operated gizmo and $250 for one that uses A/C.

David Wilcock says you basically hold it out and it should be on 7.83hz, Schumann Frequency as a "neutral" point. It only measures NATURAL earth frequencies, like running water underground. You know it's changing when the needle moves from 7.83 and jumps around. Then move the bed off that spot. The rest is interesting, but that feature (pinpointing crosses for sleeping purposes) is very important. I also observe that most of the past arguments have been in a kitchen. Some families eat in their kitchens and expect to have friendly conversations...bad idea if the pipes are there running criss-cross around and under the dinner table.

David is entertaining, give him a try. It's free for a month and they do not give me any kickback.

Two European researchers studied this effect: Van Pohl in the 1980s and Earth Radiation: Startling Discoveries of a Dowser by K. Bachler, who studied 11,000 patients. Both researchers found a direct correlation between sleeping on crossed ley lines (underground water), magnetic lines (Curry and Hartman lines) and chronic illness. When the bed is over the cross, the person in it can get sick even with cancers. When the bed is moved a few inches sometimes or up to a few feet off the crossed area, the patient immediately spontaneously heals. Wilcock explores this and says this knowledge was well known in Rome and China, has been suppressed recently, in the past few centuries. You can use dowsing rods or you can use this gizmo, which could just help you re-locate your bed and cure what ails ya.

I watched all of David's GaiamTV lectures for the past 2 years or so that he's been on there over 100 lectures, he's very thorough. He does not make up anything, he has published proof of everything he says. I moved my bed about two weeks ago. I had been using cpap because Kaiser Permanente told me in 2006 that if I do not use cpap I probably would die in my sleep. Since moving bed: no cpap and I have BETTER sleep.

Some of the symptoms of sleeping over a crossed line are: leg cramps, irritability, chronic illness, insomnia, cancers, what he calls "resistance" no response to any known standard treatment--this means no matter what doctor you go to and what they prescribe you cooperate but pill does not work; anxiety, mood-swings; temper tantrums, chronic back pain, headaches...feeling that there is a "ghost" that's a few. Diagrams showing the bed location and crossed lines correlate with one partner sleeping on the cross the other not and the couple ends up getting a divorce.

I personally sleep in a room that was previously occupied by a divorced couple, and that is part of why I had to move the bed.

If that list of symptoms look familiar, I encourage you to watch this week's show get the book on Amazon and read up. It might save your life as well as your loved one's life.


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