Technology: How Could We Live Without It

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How tech has changed our society and the future of technology


Technology has easily revolutionized our society in the last five years and will continue to do so as time goes on. In the next five years, technology will allow the world to become even more connected than before. Technology will revolutionize the media industry by allowing anyone who is talented to share their craft, everyone will become a reporter and be able to broadcast content to the world and events around them. This change will cause news to be spread internationally within seconds, we are already beginning to see this in different events such as the Syrian and Libyan revolution. This new sharing will not only be limited to news but, will occur in music, art and the spread of technical ideas as well.

Personally, I use technology to keep in contact with my friends who attend universities in other states, generate a small income and complete a multitude of academic assignments. Using technology, I am able to communicate and actively stay in contact with my close group of friends from high school who attend universities in other states. We are able to plan trips and what we will do the next time we meet up, all because of technology. This helps me maintain older relationships and strengthens my social network, something that people of past generations were not able to do. Technology has also enabled me to become an online internet entrepreneur, I have been able resell designer goods and sell tickets to popular concerts using the technology available to me. Technology helps out tremendously when it comes to completing assignments for school, it makes research and citing those researched sources a breeze. Our papers now are riddled with facts and information that was not easily available to students ten years before us.

The revolution of technology has had a overwhelming influence on my life. Technology has empowered my generation to become more informed than ever before. I personally read about three to four different news sources a day to stay updated on fashion, finance, world news and music. As the teen President of the Greater Frisco Jack and Jill chapter we were able to find new places to volunteer in our area as way to give back to the community, we also used technology to send children’s shoes to Haiti after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred after. The technological ability of our time has enabled my generation to be informed and our chapter to be active in new ways like never before.

As technology continues to expand we have to ensure world community has access to these new resources. To prevent a digital divide there needs to be an international task force committed to bringing technological advancements to third world communities. By doing this we can enable people of all socioeconomic status to share their ideas and talents with the world thus, creating new opportunities for all. This will not only help the direct recipients but society as a whole by giving power to these people they can bring new ideas and concepts to the world’s stage. Bringing advanced technology to third world countries needs to be one of our top priorities as we move forward. We as an international society need to progress as whole, without leaving anyone in the dark. When the same technology that is available to me is readily available to all, then we will see a revolution of ideas as technology begins to impact the rest of the world like it has impacted me.

Technology is an integral part of today’s functioning society, without technology there is telling where we would be today. Technological advancements have changed the way we as a civilization operate and impacted my life tremendously. As we move forward with technology in the next five years, I would like to see technological advancements expanded to every corner of the earth. As time moves on, I am excited to see what the future of technology holds and how it will impact future generations.


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