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Krrish 3, ads are good and the actress good but the story is copy paste from superman. so read to see if the movie is worth your money and time

New movies, Krrish 3 is not good

Krrish 3
I saw krrish 1, the hero and the heroin are nice and I like their movies, then the second part of the movie came and saw it, its nice love story also and has happy story. Priyanka joined the second and third part of this movie, she is good actress and the people from Indian and other places like her, she is close to the heart and act like normal girl do. She is simple and that what I like about her, she lives the role. Hitrick also in the 3 versions, and now released another story with Krrish 3, hoping its going to tell us new story, here is review for Krrish 3 before you see it.

Krrish3 review
Krrish 3 is staring priyank, after the hero finds his father and he marry the reporter they live together with the grandmother and the father. The father work at his lab, Krish works in safety company, and the girl works in TV.

So I was waiting for the story, the news says that there is some infection in the world and no treatment, then a man comes saying that he will tell the world and save them, so he meets someone in the authority telling them the truth that a company makes the virus and then antibiotic, so they earn. But that man went to the wrong person as the enemy can change his and her picture and take the shape of the people they want to.

So they kill the person who knows the truth.
After he saves the airplane, his wife tells him that he is going to have a baby.
Then again shifting to the enemy, we see that he has super powers, with his assistance they play the devil, but with his powers, he is not walking, then you see that he is remembering how he killed his father for not telling him what happened for him to has all these powers.
Any way, the enemy tries to spread the infection in a big country to earn more with the medicine.
So they choose India. Then you see the bad guys spreading the infection every where.

So guys and gals do you see this movie? Its superman and Patman, I thought that I will see unique movie, but its copy paste story, this time its not good movie, I guess its typical that you see them doing good movie, but when they make it parts they start to copy other movies, so if you liked the movie do not see Krrish its just copy from superman story, virus and treatment, voila, here is the film in one line. Krrish 3 is not what the media tells you, do I recommend it?
No, if you are curios see it on youtube or so, but do not waste your money on DVD or things like that, its not worth it,
To rate it, its 3/10


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Thanks for your opinion.
I like Indian movies but not the copy and paste.

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