The 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show

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This talks about new products coming out in 2015 and is this going to cause negative concerns for companies.

Is Your Company’s Network Administrators Scared After the CES Show?

The 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas, sets the stage for what is possible with technology. For more than 40 years the CES show has been the proving grounds for breakthrough technologies and innovations. All next-generation innovators gather in January to introduce their new technologies and showcase their accomplishments.

The show introduced new networked homes, wireless entertainment, personal drones, and more capable wearable devices. All the tech geeks that attended the show this year were excited about all the new technology available. But, for all network administrators, that attended this show it was not excitement they felt, but fear. For them the new technology represents bandwidth hording, compliance concerns, and security vulnerabilities.

After the CES show what will disrupt the business and their networks this year?

1. Data Control – Wearable Watches:

The highly anticipated launch of the new Apple Watch and other popular watches this year will be the major trend in 2015. The watch manufactures are encouraging consumers to stay connected throughout the day. Soon employees will be wearing smart watches and introduce them to the workplace network. Along with their tablets, laptops, and smart phones the level of data control diminishes for IT. This year the new wearable watch will be a major headache for IT administrators.

2. Intel Curie – Shadow IT

The new button-sized computer was introduced by Intel Curie. This goes to prove that small packages can cause big concerns for network administrators. All the new technology that IT administrators don’t understand can wreak havoc to the network. As new technology and gadgets become smaller, IT department has to play the catch up game. IT administrators have to deal with seemingly undetectable technology on their networks and the new demands they pose on the network bandwidth.

3. HP’s Zvr Virtual Reality System

The new HP Zvr is a new laptop where users interact with a high-definition 3D stereoscopic display. The system is combined with full-motion parallax and direct interaction. This delivers the users an intuitive experience with lifelike realism. Many users will find this new technology innovating and a must have. However, for business networks this will cause bandwidth problems. Soon employees will take over company’s networks with their high-production and high-bandwidth devices. The new device connection usage will start to have a major impact on the bandwidth of corporation’s networks.

4. Sony NW-ZX2 Hi-Res Walkman

Some might think the term Walkman is old, outdated technology, but not the new Sony Walkman. The newly designed Walkman can play any format of music and is fully equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities. This is just another example of the new technology that will invade the workplace this year. Corporate IT administrators worry about this new device and what it will do to their networks. The power of this device can drain the Wi-Fi strength of any organization’s network.

5. Fitbit Charge HR

The new technology behind the heart-rate monitor from Fibit’s fitness is shedding new light on the fitness industry. However, the more controlled devices that connect to a company’s network bring new points of vulnerabilities and bandwidth usage. As more wearable device enters the workplace the more impact they cause on the network administrators. These devices will cause problems in network security by opening up more access and vulnerabilities.

6. Wocket

The new smart wallet Wocket will replace all your credit cards with an all-purpose smart card. This is yet another new technology that employees will want to integrate into the corporation’s network. Soon IT administrators will need to draw the line on what types of new technologies will connect to their networks. The new technology of the Wocket runs the risk of a company’s data ending up on the wrong devices. This problem will create non-compliance issue for corporations.


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author avatar Carol Roach
12th Mar 2015 (#)

wow this technology is getting more advanced than most of us can deal with I think

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
12th Mar 2015 (#)

Yep. The young people now days probably enjoy it.

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author avatar Kingwell
14th Mar 2015 (#)

It is next to impossible to keep up with the new technology. Blessings.

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
14th Mar 2015 (#)

That is so true. Fast.

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