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A review of the new 27 inch screen iMac computer.

The Look

I have bought two of the 27' iMacs, and they are sitting next together in my study. There is one for me, and one for a family member to use. One of the most beautiful things about the Mac computers, and has always been the main objective of Apple is to make all their computers/laptops so bloody simple. Before i had even turned on the computer, the simplistic design had me excited. All that was required for setup was one power cord into the back of the computer. There is only one box involved, unlike other computers. Apple has managed to cram a huge screen and all the best devices into one little area. The stand and the bottom of the screen is a silver colour (with a black apple logo), which then merges in with a black colour that surrounds the screen and runs along the top of the screen. There are four USB ports and hidden plugs for other devices such as earphones and microphone.



The keyboard and mouse make the computer look even better. They are both completely wireless and still very fast and sensitive. Apple has created a new keyboard, which is smaller and removes the unwanted numbers from the right hand side of the keyboard which are usually included in most keyboards. But for people who would rather have the number keypad included, you can just ask apple when you buy the computer and they'll include it, free of charge. The keys on the keyboard are wide and clear to read for those with sight issues. The large keys allow anyone easy typing and even for those with fat fingers like myself. Shortcuts on the keyboard mean that you can control virtually everything via your keyboard, such things as screen brightness, music, volume, eject and you can view all things you have open in one screen, and you can view the temperature over the new few days just at the hit of a button.


The new "Magic Mouse" which Apple has recently released also adds to the simplicity and beauty of the whole computer setup. As you can see in the image to the right, Apple has gotten the design of the "magic mouse" right. The amazing thing about the mouse is that you can scroll down, across, diagonal, but not only on one area of the mouse, you can scroll anywhere on the mouse. This is the main feature that Apple are showing off. The mouse fits perfectly in your hand and scrolls smoothly across almost any surface, with the left-click and right-click right where they need to be, at your fingertips. You can read more about the mouse and watch a promotion video at


The Software

When I turned on the computer, i was brought to a startup program which lead me through the setup of my Mac. It was amazingly fast and allowed me to get onto my Mac desktop and allowed me to do what I want. The first thing I noticed when I reached the desktop is how good the default pictures that Mac place on the background look. The 27' screen with the large images make the Mac look so good and once again, make it look all that more simple. Another thing which makes the Mac stand over Windows is their navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This allows easy access to all programs and means you can find your way around your Mac by using icons rather than searching through endless words and information to find what you want to do. The navigation bar to start off with includes such programs as Safari, Mail (which updates live), Photobooth, Dashboard, Settings, and you can install many other programs which make your Mac experience so much better. I personally have installed iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, which are all programs working with Multimedia and allow you to make videos, music and edit photos. I have also installed iWorks which gives me programs such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers which are all similar programs to the Windows Microsoft Word and allow me to write, record and graph certain things. Apple even includes Bootcamp on your system which allows you run Windows programs on your Mac just by simply installing the Windows disk on your computer, which then portions the hard drive and allows Windows to run.


I would highly recommend this computer as it covers all criteria of what anyone would want on a computer. It has the perfect aesthetics, software and programs which make the Macs so much easier to use for any ages. The huge 27 inch screen makes your experience that much better, making it breath taking to watch movies on your Mac, or you could even hang the computer on the wall and use it as a TV when needed! Also, all devices included in the Mac such as the keyboard are so simple and stylish as you can see in the images provided. If you are going to buy a computer for your family or to do multimedia work with, then choose the 27' iMac without hesitation.


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