The Biggest Marketing Mistakes of 2013

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Each year , serious vendors make every effort to expand brand identities and create memorable marketing campaigns

The Biggest Marketing Mistakes of 2013

Each year , serious vendors make every effort to expand brand identities and create memorable marketing campaigns . And every year , a handful of efforts become memorable for all the wrong reasons . Marketing Mistakes are common - mistakes are what help us to identify the path to success . However, some gaffes are so outlandish , so absolutely awesome and the lack of consideration of crimes , which are evident of what not to do for the rest of us examples.

When reading the list of the largest advertising Boo Boo this year , keep in mind that these are easier than you think to get into . Vendors usually have insane paths and goals and equally unrealistic deadlines , as well as shrinking budgets. We've all made ​​decisions on the fly that were perhaps better left out of public view . Be grateful to the people who enacted the errors below them , and you may never the same. Learn from these oopsies - or be destined to repeat them in place.

Marketing Mistake # 1 - Offending the Masses

Needless to say that launching an offensive campaign is suicidal brand. However, each year, many companies do just that. American Apparel was one of the biggest culprits of this year. Famous for the use of scantily clad models , which often seemed minor, the clothing giant opted to broaden the appeal with the launch of a plus -size modeling search . All well and good , until you examine the details.

First, is actually called the "The Next BIG Thing" campaign. When a clear public favorite emerged , a lovely woman named Nancy Upton, the drama continues. Nancy was actually the winner of a search range of sources models back in 2011 for American Apparel, too. And just as they did in 2011, that once again Nancy turned away , prompting an avalanche of protests, confusion and disgust.

How can we learn from this : Never, never use foul language at any marketing campaign you create. And if you run a contest, for God's sake, be prepared to accept the results . No shots back on the marketing that leave egg on the face.

Marketing Mistake # 2 : promise what you can not deliver

Healthcare President website roll out this year has been one of the biggest disasters and technical marketing of the century. The first mistake was the launch - despite a marketing campaign to feel good mass intended to create a positive image about the initiative of health care controversy, when the website launched almost anyone could register successfully. And it just went downhill from there .

The administration is now proudly touting that more than 125,000 people have registered correctly on the site since its launch. Compare that with 26.5 + million orders in Amazon Cyber ​​Monday - all processed correctly - and it's clear that the marketing team and the product team is not just in sync , and not see things realistically.

In addition, the campaign has been severely criticized for inappropriate ads. In order to try to attract younger, they used pictures of college kids standing on top of barrels of beer and images that degrade women .

How can we learn from this : Do not ever fall into the trap of over- promise to consumers , then find your team can deliver under only . Similarly , like American Apparel above, we will not offend our customers, please.

Marketing Mistake # 3 : Ignorance of Public Opinion

Financial giant JP Morgan launched a social media campaign this year called "# AskJPM " . A seemingly innocent and sexy concept , the premise was simple: Encourage users of Twitter to ask their strong professionals JPMorgan financial questions.

Here is where they went wrong - they forgot to take into account public opinion and the opinion of the banking institutions in general and the inevitable snide remarks infuriated the masses. In other words, they were looking for trouble and found it. Because the industry had generated much frustration and guilt, creating a hashtag for directing public matters only fanned the flames , and created a direct portal for ventilation. A little foresight would have prevented this mess together. Instead , it was (and still is) an embarrassment to the company, with many negative comments and questions # AskJPM published for all to see .

How can we learn from this : If you are in an unpopular industry or if you are doing damage control with your audience, be very careful with the comments that cause . Never be ignorant about your online reputation and elsewhere, and you communicate your campaigns with a purpose and a clear conscience.

Marketing Mistake # 4 : Skirt guilt and go on a rampage

After a brutal episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" aired , showing Arizona Restaurant Amy Baking Company, two owners of the company took to social media in style. Instead of gracefully and honestly address the problems revealed in the episode, the owners not only railed against the show's producers but every customer outstanding until the last complaint - to the point of apparently totally and completely insane. Used expletives, they deferred all the blame elsewhere, and almost lost the respect until the last customer and potential customer too.

How can we learn from this : No matter how tempting it is, never become defensive if you get a bad review or bad press. Address issues with integrity and kindness - the most to defend their actions seem more ignorant and arrogant . Ask Chip Wilson, Lululemon CEO who committed the same sin with great style this year too. It will not do anything but continue to tarnish his reputation , and there is a point from which it will never recover turning .


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