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An analysis of the Scam Bubblews, a 'writing site' which was created to rip off the public

The Blueprint of an online rip off

To be successful in Ponzis and other scams there must be 'satisfied' customers who will shout so loud and so long as to drown out those who have been gutted.

This is Ponzi 101.

Bubblews was created to publish the absolutely lowest quality articles imaginable,
and pay for comments and likes.

Artices were very short, two paragraphs was long enough. Comments could be two
words, and a 'like' is a click.

Here is a writing site for people who can't write. A site which seems to give away money.

Clearly this 'free money' concept would attract a large number of users.

Users are also counted as 'visits'. A user who arrives to publish his pathetic 'bubble' is counted. Having a site which gets a huge number of visits attract advertiser's eyes.

Just as it is more expensive to have a one minute ad during the Superbowl than it to it during a soap opera, (considering how many people are assumed to watch the ads during Superbowl and not go to the bathroom, make a sandwich, or deal with domestic situations) advertisers assume that the more people who visit a site the more eyes see the ads.

If one could create a site which got hundreds of thousands of visitors; think of all that money from the advertisers.

Hence, content isn't important. What is important is to get hundreds of thousands of visits to a site. And every view counts.

Most of us know that no one goes to Bubblews to read the articles. The only people who go there are the fools who write there.

That is because there is nothing to read.

This isn't my opinion. One can't Stumble an item (network it on Stumbleupon) published on Bubblews.

For Stumbleupon knows that what is on Bubblews is of the lowest possible quality.

If you do a you'll see how many visitors a site gets. If you were going to place an Ad, wouldn't you look for the Superbowl?

Hence, it seems to be Superbowl but is just a bunch of geriatrics pretending to pay Football.

Arvind Dixit

The name of the site Arvind Dixit created is Bubblews.

Does it come from the infamous 'South Sea Bubble' which ripped off thousands of people nearly two hundred years ago? Possibly. The 'ws' at the end is open to various definitions, many obscene.

It is pretty clear a writing site can't come into existence with empty space. Those who think of joining such a site, need to see examples of what is expected.

The first items to appear on Bubblews were fairly good. But they were bait. It is on par with putting a good pair of Levis in the window but having the store filled with knock offs

Everyone who joined Bubblews in those early days got paid. As they hit $25 within Three (3) days the money was in their account.

This caused thousands of people to join Bubblews, write ten, twenty articles, comment on ten, twenty other articles, like ten, twenty articles, to reach that $25 and put in for their redemption.

The First Redemption is Always paid.

The First Time

Everyone got paid that First Time. No matter what kind of crap they posted, they were paid.

Crap writers were pleased, thinking they had found El Dorado.

The second payout was a bit more 'selective'. Shills who brought in a number of suckers were paid. Those who lived in America would get the what's left. Those who lived in other parts of the world, (save places in India) were not paid.

As money mounted so quickly by the Bubblews algorithm a new member could start writing on Monday and be ready for his payout by Wednesday, (or earlier). This new member might be a bit suspicious and wait to see if s/he got that money before adding another article, comment of like.

Many trusting fools, kept writing, assuming the money would be there.

As the first pay out was within 3 days, that new member would see his or her money arrive, and begin writing up a storm, put in for the second payout with the assumption they would get it, and keep writing.

Eventually the sucker might realise that two payments are outstanding. Depending on how stupid the sucker is, writing might continue for the next week or two.

The fact the sucker might never get another payout but keep writing is not unusual. This is how Ponzi's work. You get the first pay out, you re-invest and never get any more. But by the time this is realised, the amount of work put in is remarkable.

In early days of Bubblews the contributor would get an email explaining why the payment was late. This would satisfy the less intelligent. As time passed, those who complained too much would have their accounts deleted.

The Bubble

Bubblews was created as a Scam.
Anyone who has followed the on line writing scene knows:
a) there are millions of people who want to write
b) there are millions of people who do not read the Terms of Service
c) there are millions of people who, to see their name (or nick) in print, will give away their copyright, will not object when they are unpaid,
d) that any writing site which promises more money than the others will get an in rush of users, even if the promise is written in smoke.

Yahoo! Voices ripped off millions of people. Factoidz did as well. Bubblews is doing an ever better job.

It is no accident that the site goes down periodically, that is to avoid Scam Sweeps. The fools who write there believe any story Dixit concocts because they are pathetic.

It was no accident that the redemption which was to be made in Three days was moved to a week, and then the threshold increased from $25 to $50.

This was planned.

There are two ways to cut down on complaints. One of them is to raise the amount of money one needed to redeem, the other is to drop the value of views and/or set them as 'high value/low value'.

The easiest is, of course, to raise the threshold and the days before payment.

Moronica, who joined a few months ago, has written 500 articles. She put in for her first redemption in October. She continued to write all through November. She received that first redemption at the end of November.. She has written her fingers off, and put in for her next redemption in December, and continued to write.

She is not going to get that second redemption. Not unless she has roped in ten suckers who use her referral, and has been on every single site praising Bubblews and claiming those who were not paid 'Broke The Rules!'

If somehow Moronica wins the 'coin toss' as to who is going to be paid, she might get that second payment. But considering that she's a penny a dozen, likely not.


1. She lives in America
2. She complains to a useful agency

Then she'll get her $$ and her account will be closed.

Philosophy of Scammers

Scammers have a disrespect for other people which borders on Psychopath. They look out at the teeming mass as if seeing cockroaches. To rip them off means nothing. They don't lose a second of sleep.

Although they may, at first, become a bit worried when there are so many people complaining about their Scam, when nothing major happens to them, they become emboldened. Their ego explodes in their head and they push forward going for more, more and more.

Average people can not conceive that anyone could create a writing site as a Scam. Not wind up in a position that they can't pay, or have difficulty with advertisers, but actually create a writing site to be a Scam.

This is why Bubblews is so successful.


Just before writing this article, I noticed I had $50+ dollars in my Bank on Bubblews. This is because I had written for the site, had not received two payments, stopped writing.

My articles were left on Bubblews so as to give me an easy entrance to continue to observe the site.

Observing I had reached my 'redemption' and for completion, I put in for that sum. A month later I received an advisory that I would be paid in two days.

I was paid.

I went back to the site, but my account had been blocked, I couldn't log on.

Then allowed to log on I found 2c in my account which remained for months.


On the 15th day of November 2015, the Bubblews Ponzi ended. Arvind Dixit and his Partner Jason Zuccari claim it is the fault of the 'advertisers'.

They went down owing users hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They have been trying to buy a site called 'Sweedle' so as to continue with their Swindle.


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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

so many have fallen victims to it, i only lost $200 which i did not consider money till i saw it on my account, but so many others never got over $1000 and till today they fool people.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

For the legal record to protect Wikinut, I just want to add that this is the opinion of Kaylar and does not represent Wikinut's opinions of Bubblews. I never knew of Arvind being part of Yahoo, do you have a source link for that?

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Some people got $25 and that's it. They could have lost $50 more... but that is if they kept writing.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

i am almost sure I read it somewhere...but until I find it...I'm going to remove the section.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Well I got an account and they deleted it with two hours of joining and told me system issue. Made it again same thing and there were three works published realised they were a scam in 2013 itself. Its Indian run too.... Emailed the person who is in charge of the site....

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Dixit is a real piece of work

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author avatar Madan
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

One of the silliest posts I have read. The writer is carried away by emotion, It is important to understand what Arvind did. More when I post my opinion in a article

Reply to this comment

author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

it is not silly madan

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author avatar M G Singh
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Wrote the above without logging in.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

I did quite well out of Bubblews for a time and was rarely left out of pocket when I claimed payments. However, I have lost faith with them now that the conditions have changed.

Strange to tell, one of my earliest posts on Bubblews queried their business model, which struck me as being unsustainable. It would appear that I have eventually been proved right.

I did try to write proper articles on Bubblews, and I kept copies of all of them. Many of these are now getting a fresh airing thanks to Wikinut!

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

If you 'read' (term used loosely) many of the 'articles' (term again used loosely) on Bubblews you find nothing of value. One of their best shill posts nothing more than links to her other articles.

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author avatar Harris Mungai
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Very sad news here for the hundreds of people who keep writing for that site.
Thank you Kaylar for this information.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

As John described, was an 'unsustainable' business model.
This is not a site where there are deep intellectual articles in which the comments would be analysis of those articles so that they responses themselves are worthy, so one could actually consider a comment almost an article in itself; i.e. if one wrote a well researched article on the situation in the Ukraine and it was published on a site which was visited for information, and a comment was a deeper analysis with a different point of view.
On the Bubble it's crap about nothing commented upon with a, 'good article'

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
6th Feb 2015 (#)

Am I pathological sucker, i got dupe on my 2013 redemption(s) was paid on my 2014 before gpt deleted when i start complaining..went back to redeemed my own ego and witness the online holocaust of claims while collaboratos still alughing all the way to the banks. i have'nt close my "new" account yet because i wanted to settle a score duh!

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author avatar kaylar
7th Feb 2015 (#)

After not paying two redemptions, after I stopped writing. Over the past two years, my account reached the new redemption threshold. To close off the account, I put in for the redemption.
I got a notification it was coming. But today it actually arrived.

To my mind they are playing with me.

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author avatar Kingwell
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this kaylar. Blessings.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

You're welcome Kingwell

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author avatar kaylar
17th Nov 2015 (#)

And those who prayed to the shrine of the Great Bubble, alas.

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