The Cause of Terror in South Asia

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In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping.

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India-The Cause of Terrorism in South Asia

The question mark is always there at the end of every step of Indian government towards terrorism. There is no ambiguity in deciding the points where India is hard and where India is soft on terrorism. Indian politics are ostensibly secular but their implications are always extremely religious. Congress that was the understood the symbol of secularism often connived at the atrocities and terrorism of the extremist Hindu organisations. Indians are in the habit of naming the dog and killing him. If government feels that her interests are at stakes it raises a huge hue and cry over the terrorism but on the other hand it abets the gonads’. Its corrupt politicians have their own gangs of vagabonds. The worst of all has happened now. The government of extremist Hindus _the Modi government is there to commit atrocities on all the communities of India. The dalits were lynched just on the suspicion that they have eaten flesh. Thousands of Muslims were slaughtered on the pretext that they have sacrificed cows. The Hindus are those unholy people who sacrifice humans to please their goddess Kali. What are the meanings of this insane killing of Muslims? If you cast a cursory glance at India the world's biggest democracy you would find every kind of negative activity there. There are human rights violations, acts of terrorism and state terrorism against many political parties and leaders. The western countries are also not free from of it. China that is always in the news as the abuser of the human rights on international level is spared by the west because she is powerful. The countries of South America are the hubs of narcotics and terrorism but they are totally connived at because they are the part of America. The adopted child of America Israel is committing horrible crimes against humanity. All these crimes are curable and bearable if these are not committed by Afghanistan, Pakistan or any Muslim state. Indian government commits atrocities; in the name of fight against the rebels and terrorists. America along with NATO forces devastates Iraq and Afghanistan; it is to save the humanity! The Israelis are massacring the innocent Palestinians; they are obliged to fight for their safety and freedom. They have right to fight and desecrate the humanity. There is always a question mark and a sign of exclamation on the Indian stance. The question mark envisages reality behind the Indian stance over terrorism. The sign of exclamation is in fact the correct answer to this question. Indian stance on terrorism is sycophant. She is hard on the weaker and very polite with the world’s worst terrorists. Look into the internal and external relation of this biggest democracy of the world. The relations with the west are cordial as per their requirements. The west including America is juxtaposing India against Muslims and China. The irony of the situation is that the Indian Government considers herself without any onus of responsibility about terrorism. Due to Indian strategic location its hundred sins are excused in the name of national unity. The state terrorism of the government is camouflaged in the premises of foreign relations. The Kashmiris are not the only victims of this heinous crime. The terrorism of the state is quite evident in many parts of the country. There are more than 30 freedom movements in India which are categorically termed as terrorist movements. The Tamil, the communist, the gorkhas and many more communities are sick of Indian Raj. They know that Indian government is very hard on the self defined terrorism. The government pretends that it is not doing any harm to any kind of human rights but fighting against terrorism in the above said regions. Another fact which is second nature of Indian government is the blame game. If there is an act of sabotage, the government very easily blames Pakistan, ISI and other Muslim organization behind it. It was the habit of the European and American think tanks but the recent terrorist attack on the innocent people by a staunch Christian tells a different story. It is an eye opener for whole the world which tries to search out terrorism in Muslims only. In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping. But whenever a fish jumps up he does not waste a moment to catch it. The opposite voices and Muslims are the fish and world is a pond where this crane is standing on one leg.


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