The Collector (2009)

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A critical film review of The Collector, a film released in 2009.

The Collector (2009)

From the writers of Saw IV, Saw V and Saw VI, comes The Collector. The film follows Arkin (Josh Stewart), an odd-job man who has recently done some work for an affluent family. When he finds his girlfriend is in debt, he decides to pay it off by robbing the family’s house whilst they go on holiday. However, a masked character has also broken in and has set up horrific booby traps. Arkin also discovers the killer has captured the family and is setting out to slowly torture them...
This film plays out like a sub-Saw film, the main screen time being taken up with gory scenes of sadistic torture and bloody traps. It’s a modern film and the effects and psychological progress follows the same thread as any graphic horror film of the last decade.

However, this film is fatally flawed and when I watched it, I thought I had missed the first twenty minutes of it or that this was a sequel to a previous film. The tortured family are mere cyphers and there is no reason or motive of why they are the Collector’s targets.
As for the Collector himself - why kill the family? Who is he? Is it sadistic pleasure or is it personal revenge? Will he kill again? Is he indiscriminate and random or organised and calculated?
Arkin is the key lead character, at first robbing the family and then trying to help them escape but he is fairly non-descript and bland. As for the mum, dad and little girl and even the Collector himself, there is no any character definition and I found I couldn’t connect with anyone.

Overall, I can’t recommend this film other than for a gory hour or so of entertainment. There have been many films with unanswered questions, leading to exceptional sequels (such as The Matrix, Back to the Future, and Saw). However, all those films had one thing in common - they could stand up on their own as a self-contained work. The Collector falls down badly in this respect.


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