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A comparison between the slow drift of attention taken from film and moved to Television, taking Game of Thrones as the prime example.

The Making Of

The lights dwindle dramatically and all eyes focus ahead. The buzz reaches fever pitch as the first colors light the darkness ahead, and for the next hours this is the world we inhabit. So the pitch goes for the often blissful, spontaneously frustrating night at the movie theater. And it is true that nothing is more wonderfully immersive than a truly great film at the cinema. But there is a strong shift happening, as more and more people take advantage of television ahead of the movies. And there is no-one more responsible for this than HBO, and particularly the TV phenomenon Game Thrones.


There is certainly a noticeable difference in quality, not just between television and film, but between the progress of films themselves. Experimentation seems to be at an all time low. Originality seems wholly lost. The movie world is filled with blockbusters ranging from superheroes to remakes to reboots to re-anythings. A look at this summer sees all the big movies- The Avengers, Mad Max, Jurassic World, being firmly rooted in a pre-established world, pre-determined stroy, and predictable outcome. Selling what is already popular is a good business plan, but leaves a distinctly familiar taste in the mouth. And there must come a point where an audience will want more. Something new to latch on to. Where is our generations Star Wars moment? Our Back to the Future? The Terminator? Of course with an internet culture gripping our attention and strangling any privacy or 'secrets' from the world creating a truly surprising, great movie is difficult. But those kind of gambles, on unproven ideas put in the hands of talented people, make the moments we as an audience live for. Watching Luke Skywalker fly through space. Seeing Marty McFly wake up in 1955. Witnessing Arnie's Terminator dragging himself out of the flames. Magical moments we could not have prepared for.

And then comes the issue of television. With a decreasing interest in going to the movies, especially with the easy access of things like Netflix and HBO, it seems only proven products can be relied upon. Game of Thrones itself is based on existing material, so gives an example of this unwillingness to experiment in Television as well. But anyone who has watched the show and indeed the finale to season 5 will know that there is an anarchic sense of playing with an audiences expectations that pervades each episode of Game Of Thrones. Heroes do not always survive. Justice is not always done. There is no sentimentality. While I do not wish to just ring the praises of Game of Thrones as a show, it is more the sense of daring, of willingness to risk an unpredictable story to make those truly unforgettable moments that stands out.

The Future

Whatever the future holds, we can only hope for a shift in the tide, or at least a sharing of the craft. Multiplexes are increasingly dominated by big budget megamovies and the smaller, original works are being drowned out. It is only getting worse. Movies must take their inspiration from shows like Game of Thrones to once again find that sense of surprise and anarchy that makes the cinema the most wonderful place to lose oneself. Before it's too late.


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