The Genuine Idea We Can Deliberately Create Our Lives Ultimately: A Tribute To The Works Of Dr. Robert Anthony

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I first met Dr. Robert Anthony in 1981 at an office building where my Mother worked at, in a seminar she was at and took me to. I also bought and read a little $4.95 book called "The Advanced Formula For Total Success" at that seminar and realized that most people there paid upward of $500 to $1,000 for the same basic knowledge I was understanding so easily. Through previous exposure to similar ideas in a productive way, I realized what I was getting and understanding fully, and I grasped it.

You know, the power is not in the next ideas you get

Dr. Robert Anthony's essential message is that we genuinely and ultimately deliberately or unconsciously create our lives through our intentions be they controlled by our consciousness or allowed to go on "naturally" and unconsciously, out of control by us.

The thing is that life is able to ultimately be mastered by anyone that eliminates the parts that are not deliberately controlled by genuine consciousness. To put it another way, nobody conscious can be learners forever and for everyone conscious, there is an end to knowledge and the attainment of mastery of the technique of consciousness. Indeed, the oldest idea in existence is consciousness, and the newest idea in existence is consciousness, there is nothing above reality and nothing below reality. There is just reality.

The power is not in the new or next ideas you get claiming to be new, the power is in the oldest idea in existence mastered, consciousness.

Some of my background that prepared me for Dr. Robert Anthony's ideas:

I first checked out of my local library and read "The Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill at Holly Park Library in Hawthorne, California as a boy of seven years old, and had more questions answered by those simple books than school, teachers or "experienced" elders could ever answer for me. Especially after doing the exercises in Charles Haanel's book. Later, I read and imbibed "The Magic of Believing" by Claude Myron Bristol, and "TNT: The Power Within You" authored by Claude M. Bristol, and adapted to full-length book form by Harold Sherman. Also, I read "The Origin of Consciousness" by Dr. Julian Jaynes. By then, I was positively addicted to the idea of raising, controlling and empowering my consciousness. To put another way, the seed was planted and getting watered well.

The most powerful idea

Ultimately, we can make our lives better through our own efforts, sure the results may not be instant, but, when we are consistent, the results will be satisfying. That is the basic secret behind fully and truly understanding the scope of Dr. Robert Anthony's works. The most powerful idea is that we are in the genuine driver's seat of consciousness, not the passenger out of control.

Through the medium of our minds, and God has one, we create our reality. This in my reality is what is meant by "we are created in the image of God". I am convinced this does not mean physicality so much, but I am convinced it is mentally and spiritually.

Realistically, God is the power, yes. But, I am convinced that like in life, God is neutral as the car is neutral, and does whatever the driver needs or wants done (in that order). God as neutral and powerful knowledge objectively does what we need when it does not instantly produce the results we "want" in short order and creates whatever we need to happen. The car analogy I am giving here works like this, sure a car can get you where you want to do or hit you, but does it do these things without a driver? I have to honestly say an emphatic no. God, existence, Goddess, whatever the force is works in the same way.

Understand inside, and you will be:

Understand genuinely inside and you will be powerful. What do I mean? I have a habit of saying the two words, I understand when somebody wants me to "get it right" patiently and I do not say those two words without genuinely understanding.

When I say the words, "I Understand", I say them in that way "The Master Key System" means them. I get all the information, genuinely synthesize them into effective formats in my mind and understand fully what I am doing and (most importantly) why I am doing it.

To understand genuinely is to get things done ultimately. To fake it and not understand is to get nothing done genuinely. The power of understanding is like Dr. Anthony says: When you are a genuine master, it is overly simple, and not complicated. When you try to fake it and lie about it, and con people "the easy way", that is the genuinely hard and complicated way. I love being real, and that is what I love about Dr. Anthony, he shares that trait with me.


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