The Internet Saved the Radio Star!

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Buggles may have been right about the TV, but the internet gave the Radio a new lease of life!

What am I talking about?

he internet saved the radio star! The truth.

The radio in the background. It is something that many of us have grown up with. It is a comforting sound mumbling away with tunes and commentary.

Buggles claimed that ‘Video killed the radio star’, but with the rise of Internet radio, it’s making a major comeback.


The reasons.

It’s convenient.

Many people; myself included, listen to the radio at work. It is easier for an office to accept your listening to a radio program and working at your desk or workspace than having a television show playing. It can only attract half our attention. People have had music playing at work since factories had electricity. It is so deeply engrained in our culture of work that it is not supprising that the internet has made it easier to access a greater number of radio shows.

It's Free
Unlike streaming and torrent, radio is still free. We can access thousands of radio shows for free without fear of incrimination. It can offer all the entertainment of the TV or films, minus the images of explosions. If you wish to be stretched mentally, the radio is the way to go.

The variety.

The plurality of the internet means that we can find radio stations beyond your wildest dreams, catering for any taste. There are stations devoted to country, spoken word, rap, Jpop. You name it, it’s there.

All you have to do is look. And listen.


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