The Interview : A Film Review

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A mini review on the controversial film "the interview"

A Controversy Like No Other

"We have not caved. We have not given in. We have persevered,"
-Michael Lynton /Sony CEO
(On the suspicion they give up on the threat after being hacked )

A tabloid...

Weeks leading to the eventual limited release on Christmas day, the film "The Interview" attracted global attention (at least on the web) or between two hostile countries upholding their own ideologies. I have also read few mainstream article that intrigued me more to watched it today, via on-line stream.

The movie is about a television executive Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) and his talented friend Dave Skylark(Franco), his TV host. They have great success on their genre that basically a tabloid formulated talk show that brag itself on the juiciest celebrity revelations on their live interviews. Challenged by the professional calling of genuine journalism they tried to prove themselves with a scoop of a lifetime to land an interview on - the world's most and current Evil incarnate- North Korea's President (Randall Park). With this unprecedented opportunity, the CIA grab it's chance to recruit these tandem to terminate America's nemesis.The unexpected adventure proceeded with all the Hollywood brand of entertainment.

Over all, the film was an over rated B-Movie or sort of a "Porn" featuring two decent actors. This is the sort of 'crap' that you will watched with your fraternity brothers,in some point you'll find something is not right but eventually you will be entertained. I would consider it better than "Dumb and Dumber Too" only this one was anchored on a non fictional character and surrounding propaganda. If anything the movie had proven, it was the thin skin and political faux fax of North Korea something the Soviet never had against "Rambo" films back in the cold war era.

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
13th Jan 2015 (#)

"Sort of a 'Porn'" is an interesting way to put it. You have a very good grasp of what the film was about. I suggest more specificity in the review, since people may want a little more detail on the plot, eg. who are the Seth Rogen and James Franco characters. Nevertheless, the main point fantastic! Welcome aboard and keep writing.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
26th Jan 2015 (#)

Will try to edit this, though i seldom does (except for grammer) ..thank you for the objectve comment though.

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
13th Jan 2015 (#)

And excellent historical point that the U. S. S. R. ignored Rambo storyline. Great connection with history and popular culture.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
15th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you for noticing,your comment is much appreciated..

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