The Magic Bullet... Is it Really that Magical?

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We've all had the experience of watching an infomercial and wondering if the product advertised is really as good as it seems. How good is the Magic Bullet Blender?

A Review of the Magic Bullet Blender

I'm sure that a lot of people can relate to the experience of lying on the sofa, changing channels and stumbling onto an infomercial touting the latest and greatest product ever invented. Apart from cheap production look, and the terrible acting, I have often wondered if any of these products actually work the way they appear to do on tv. That being said, I have not been so curious as to call a toll free 1 800 number in order to see if a set of Ginzou knives will really cut through a tin can and a tomato.

When I saw the Magic Bullet at my local Costco, I figured that this was my opportunity to a product that I thought had some potential to be useful to me with no real risk. If it was junk, I would simply take advantage of Costco's return policy and take it back.

For those of you unfamiliar with the product, the Magic Bullet is a self contained blender which is advertised as being compact and easy to use and clean. In the infomercial, the host demonstrates how the Magic Bullet can quickly make salsa, tuna salads, smoothies, and grate hard cheeses.

Here's what I found..

My Findings

Surprisingly, the Magic Bullet is a pretty darn useful kitchen appliance. It has been over a year since I bought it and I use it pretty much every day. While it doesn't appear to work exactly as the add says, I've found that it is a brilliant smoothy maker. You simply put your ingredients in your cup, screw on the blender piece, press your cup down on the bullet base for about 10 sec., remove the blender and screw on the rim. There you have it. A well blended smoothy that is ready in about a min. (Also, if you add left over coffee, Ice, Milk and a bit of Chocolate sauce, you can have a pretty refreshing blended ice mocha in a matter of minutes)

That being said, the Magic Bullet doesn't quite measure up to the add. Prior to finding out about its smoothy making prowess, I tried to make salsa with it just like in the infomercial. It was a disaster. The blender simply gooified the ingredients into a mush. The same thing happened when I attempted a tuna salad. Also, I found that it was not a good choice for grinding hard cheeses. It pretty much just made an unattractive cup of cheese bits. The only food prep that I have found it to be useful for has been in making cream guacamole, where the Magic Bullet's ability to gooify food is a desirable result.

The Verdict

Despite that fact that the Magic Bullet does not measure up to its infomercial, I do believe that it is a useful little appliance. The motor appears to have ample power, it doesn't take up much space, and if you want to use it as a smoothy maker, it's borderline brilliant in its simplicity. Also clean up is a snap. Just throw the blending parts into the dishwasher for cleaning.

With a price tag of around $40, it is relatively cheap and has certainly found a place in my kitchen.

If you are considering this product, I hope you have found this review helpful.


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