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The second Chapter in my "The Magic that was" music series, this time I look at Movie themes, join me on my trip to the cinema.

Film Sweet Charity Song "The Rhythm of Life"

Following on from my article "The Magic that was Hoagy Carmichael" I thought I would do the same treatment with some of my favourite Movie theme music.
I have far too many to list them all, so I will feature just four of what I think are the best, or at least somewhere at the top of my list, OK so here we go with the first one, I have chosen not a theme song,but a song from the film “Sweet Charity” it was sung by Sammy Davis Jr. who plays Big Daddy.

The film is about a Taxi Dancer “Charity” played by Shirley MacLaine who has a string of failed romances until she meets “Oscar” who is played by John McMartin, I love the slight jazzy touch the song sends out. I know this isn't the films theme song, but this is so good I cheated, hope you don't mind too much

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Number two in my list of favourite film themes come’s “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” the music was by Ennio Morricone who also wrote the music for over 500 films and television programs including “A Fistful of Dollars”,” For a Few Dollars More”, and “Once Upon a Time in the West”

This is the film with Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach, with that image of Clint walking down the main street, a small cigar in the corner of his mouth and that poncho straddle over him was so powerful. Hope you like the clip.


My next choice is a 1971 “Black cop” film fighting the White Mafia, starring Richard Roundtree as the main character John Shaft.
The music was written by Isaac Hayes and J. J. Johnson and made a Grammy Award for Best Original Score and an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
I love the way the song starts with a sixteenth-note hi-hat ride pattern, and also the use of the guitar "wah-wah effect"

Sorry I got all musical there, but I am sure when you listen once again to this theme you will know just what I mean.

The Pink Panther

I did consider quite a few others for my forth choice including

  • The Pretty Woman theme - " by Roy Orbison,
  • Jailhouse Rock” Elvis Presley
  • Another Ennio Morricone song this time from
  • The Magnificent Seven,
  • And Windmills Of Your Mind sung by Noel Harrison from the 1968 film “Thomas Crown Affair”

But I plumbed for a film that had me laughing until I hurt. The song was the Pink Panther Theme Song

Some of the others I could have picked were

  • West Side Story "America" - Herb Alpert
  • Strictly Ballroom - "Love Is In the Air" - John Paul Young
  • War of the Worlds - "Forever Autumn" - Justin Hayward
  • Dead Calm - Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - Tight Fit

Feel free to add your favourites, I bet you have a few.

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author avatar Denise O
10th Oct 2012 (#)

Johnny, I think you not playing by the rules is just fine. Sweet Charity is one of my fav films. The others theme song selections, are spot on. A very entertaining, fun page. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar LOVERME
18th Oct 2012 (#)

Johnny do you make your millions
from ur music
or wikis STAR PAGES

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author avatar Judy Ellen
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

Yes, this page is sheer delight! I absolutely love all those movies! TCM is my favorite station!! Thank you for sharing and I will come back to this again!!

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author avatar Krismawati
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

Nice share, I love Pink Panther :)

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author avatar Sugarmoon
10th Nov 2012 (#)

nice and well writen article, thx

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