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Browning was a skilled poet, an expert in creating frantic situations in poetry. In the Pied Piper of Hamelin it was mysterious loss of all children from a town due to a word not being kept. In My Last Duchess it was killing of a long line of innocent duchesses by a jealous duke, the story being told without even presenting a second character. In The Patriot, it is adoration by people immediately followed by chaining, dragging through the streets, stoning by crowds and execution in the gallows.

Majestic portrayal of fall from authority and subsequent condemnation.

Robert Browning in his poem ‘The Patriot’ describes the different treatments the same man receives from the same people within a course of one year. First he was received by the people royally like a patriot. After one year he was dragged through the streets by the same people and given a scornful send-off to his death as a condemned man. The poet does not tell exactly what crime was committed by such a famous and worshipped man to be sent to the gallows within one year. Perhaps he might have turned a traitor to his country or people, or might have done much favouritism and corruption for his friends while he was in power, or else people might have made a serious mistake in judging him.

People’s applause and esteem is but a momentary bubble soon to explode.

We have examples of a Caesar returning victoriously after an Egyptian Tour, received jubilantly by people in Rome and declared by Senate as the Dictator for the entire Roman lands and after that, within days, assassinated by a senator in front of all senators fearing for the likely chance of him declaring himself as an Emperor of Rome. We also have before us the example of the Oracle of Delphi proclaiming none was wiser than Socrates and then Socrates being assassinated by the City Council of Athens for a puny charge of corrupting their youth. Execution of Sir. Thomas Moore, the modern day Socrates also is vivid in our memories. History is so full of such admonition messages from the past that now we all know that people’s applause is but momentary and that their admiration shall not be taken into account in assessing a man’s real worth.

We have fetched the Sun for you: Need anything more?

When the patriot was received for the first time by people, they went mad and spread on his path roses mixed with evergreen laurels. House roofs were filled with people just to have a glimpse of their worshipful hero. Lights burned all night and flags fluttered freely in churches. Sweet sounds of bells filled the atmosphere. People seemed to be such loyal to and eager to please their hero then that had he asked for the Sun, it would immediately have been fetched and they would have asked him, if he needed anything more.

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author avatar Sara
27th May 2011 (#)

thanks for this really useful article , !!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Jun 2011 (#)

Excellent analysis by an excellent editor.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
17th Jun 2011 (#)

Browning painted such an excellent and majestic scene with words that it was very easy for me to remember it and redraw. Moreover I did an experiment with this poem. When I functioned also as a journeyman lecturer, I taught this poem while reading it for the first time. My first thrill of reading, actually singing it for the first time could therefore be transferred somewhat to the students. They said it was a pleasant new experience for them, but they never knew I was reading the poem for the first time. Therefore I still remember vividly my analysis of the poem then. Another time I did the same thing with a famous short story, Anton Chekhove's 'The Bet'. Me and the whole band of learners were carried away and could not speak or look at others for several minutes. It is not the skill of the reteller but the excellent editorial powers hidden in the writer that make readers spellbound.

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author avatar Jacob kurien
17th Aug 2011 (#)

thank you so much for this excellent appreciation

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
5th Jan 2012 (#)

Yes Sara,
And dear Jacob Kurien,

Perhaps we will never see again in this world a poet in the calibre and mental alignment of Robert Browning. There is no other poet who has taken us for a tour through the human mind as systematically as Browning did. We all really miss him. On occasions we regret him not born in our times to live with us or us not born in his times. Thank you for your observations and comments.

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author avatar Poohp
10th Jun 2012 (#)

Excellent analysis..Thnk u :)

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author avatar Sethumadhavan.v.p
12th Oct 2012 (#)

useful to students, they never forget the seen

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
25th Apr 2013 (#)

I initially wrote this as an appreciation for my students in the B A and B SC degree classes. Patriots and heroes praised and then condemned by their people is a universal picture. Such incidents as described by Browning happened in all ages. In history, we can read about thousands of such incidents. Browning painted the picture of one brilliantly in words so that the world shall not forget the scene. Thank you Sethumadhavan VP.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
25th Apr 2013 (#)

Thank you Poohp. Hope you found the article useful.

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author avatar
10th Jan 2015 (#)

this poem is a heart touching one for me

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
19th Jul 2018 (#)

I am deleting a few paragraphs from this post. The full post can be read in my blog Sahyadri Books Trivandrum in Blogspot.

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author avatar Kamrul
27th Nov 2018 (#)

Wow.... Excellent piece of writing.

For more better visit

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