The Secret-a book that reveals the truth.

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne book reveals the power that we have in our hands to create our own destiny.We may never believe this nor understand it,till this book reveals to us how our thoughts shape our destiny.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a book that empowers us to not only dream big dreams but also achieve them ditto.The principles of success are revealed to us.We may know of it and read it but herein it is stated more clearly.If you study successful personalities of the past as well as those of present times one thing that emerges as a common factor is their positive mindset.
If you have ever wondered that why certain persons attract always the good and you may also have labelled them as lucky.But these persons have understood the principles of living a life on their own terms.

The Secret is revealed in the initial chapter

All philosophers and thinkers as well as achievers have revealed that
You can wish for anything happiness,health,wealth as well as achieve it tangibly.
You can do be have anything you want.
The enormity of the goals is not important,whatever you choose you can be in your hands.
It could be a big house, a big car,to be a millionaire,success you can attract these in your life.
The law of attraction works on the principle that Like attracts like.Thoughts you think have the power to attract similar thoughts.
Thoughts have frequency and attract similar thoughts and these come back to you.
If you change your thoughts you have the power to change your situation.
So the secret reveals that your powerful thoughts and focus will be your future.
Whatever you are today are the result of your thoughts.
Remember thoughts become things.

Simplicity of the secret.

You can shift your thought focus,if this is done persistently your whole view changes from one point to another.If you have negative thoughts but these can be replaced by positive thoughts.Consistently having positive thoughts give rise to positive emotions and these become a part of you and your life is veered towards positiveness.
If you have a habit of being on the negative trail than the solution is to have on hand a list of secret shifters.What are Secret shifters; these are positive emotions,pleasant memories,nature,your favorite music,will bring your mood towards the positive mode.
So anytime anywhere you have the power to bring the good towards you by just changing your thought frequency.
Try it do it now and feel a whole new prospective open before you.

Use the secret.

Imagine how you wish to spend your day,visualize yourself doing it and lo behold it will be perfect as you imagine it to be.
Start with visualization of a certain thing that you want,imagine you are going to receive and mentally feel that you are receiving it.
May it be wealth health happiness all is possible.
Gratitude is also necessary for success in your life endeavors.Be grateful for the little things of life.
When you wake each morning be grateful for the beautiful day and offer thanks for the day gone by.
Start with a positive affirmation
Life is simple,Life is good,All the good of this life is coming to me.
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Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

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