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This article will be discussing how Triond is a scam

Triond Scam

So I'm sure we have all came across and maybe even use the website, "Triond" to write articles and get paid for the viewings, or at lest that's what Triond tells us anyways. Also have you ever wonder why the article gets publish so fast...? well that's because no one views the articles at all, you ca post what ever you want.

1.) Look at the websites that they post your article to, they all say powered by Triond.
Now why is that? that's so they can drive traffic to there affiliate sites and back to there main site "Triond".

2.) The pay is not even realistic, you have to publish thousands of articles and generate thousands of views to make maybe $4.00 bucks if that. Dose that sound fair at all? no way you are wasting your talents and most important your time!.

3.) They make money off your own Google adsense account they want 50% of your earrings of your clicks off the ads on your articles. Why?, why should they get that much money off of your work.

4.) They steal your articles that you sunk your hard work and hart into writing the article. Google some of your top viewed articles that have stop generating views, those are the ones that they are stealing on putting on other websites with a different author name and you stop getting paid for it all together.

Just a little heads up about what you are getting in to with Triond, you can do a Google search and find tones of articles about Triond scams. There are tones of other article writing websites that are legitimate and do pay you for you hard work and time. Just do your research before getting in to anything.


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Internet marketing guru, I just started to write articles and found out I really enjoy it. I like to write short stories an how to articles. I also enjoy reading good books and learning.

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author avatar Retired
10th Mar 2012 (#)

hmmm I had not heard of triond. Will be reading up on it. I have been publishing online for about eight years, on a blog and other free sites and a few writing contest submissions. Wikinut is my first venture to publish for money and I have to admit that I am curious as to how many people there are on the site and if anyone actually makes any money. Thanks for publishing this - I will be doing more research now.

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author avatar kaylar
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

You can delete your articles from Tiond. They do not steal your copyright.

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author avatar Retired
1st Dec 2013 (#)

You may have trouble doing so. Ensure they really are deleted. Copy and paste portions of your article into search engines and chech their websites to be sure..

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author avatar SyProd
2nd Sep 2012 (#)

Cute article, you probably got nothing from Triond because of your lack of grammar, spelling and improper use of 'there', 'their', and 'they're'

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author avatar TropicalMonsoon
30th Jan 2013 (#)

You probably didn't make anything because you can't spell "does" and you don't use full stops.

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author avatar Jackalyn
10th Sep 2013 (#)

I just wish that all articles were checked by a human. I also wish nothing got past that human unless it was using correct grammar and spelling and was interesting enough to be read.

As far as Triond goes I am not impressed by their use of bots or their appalling customer support on GetSatisfaction. It is as if someone is trying to be deliberately awkward on there!

I am curious as to what happens if you delete your articles as people seem to say they remain in the system and therefore earn Triond money. Surely that is a copyright infringement?

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