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To start with a new parh or road takes willingness, and we should choose to experiement a little, of course curiosity


I have this amazing machine that of course juices vegetables and fruits, but mostly vegetables. Back when I bought it was like a new chapter was on the way, and I looked so much forward to it and I called my friend who sold it to me and asked him, what kinds of things he was juicing, and he mentioned some basic things like broccoli, carrots, beetroots, ginger, celery and parsly was among those he mentioned, and I bought my first variety of vegetables, and it was a big variety, I could barely juice them all, and some of it, were too sharp or too sweet to drink or bitter, so I learned by it and I began to store it in plastic jars, as I thought I wanted to make more than just one portion so I had something on store, that was okay, but that also was a bit too much.

Putting Into Function

I began to search for own recipes to do, so I took a bigger portion of one thing, and to make it better then add another vegetable and tasted it, just like when chefs do their cooking, I was merely making my own recipes and to make some standard juices and like fast food or drinks actually.

Two functions I like about the Twin Gear juice, the two filters that one can choose between, one with bigger holes and one with smaller hole, which means more or less pulp in the juice. I use most time the one with the small holes, I do think I have used the one with big holes one time, but not as I remember.

I will post some more about this juicer as I believe others can benefit from it. And at the moment I juice carrots as primary.


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