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The movie was packed with drama, thrill, action, suspense, and mystery. Twist and turns of the plot, made the story more interesting. The actors and actresses of the film were also commendable. This article will talk about how the movie affected me, and how well the movie was created.


On the first part of the movie, I was utterly confused of how it started. It has a lot of loopholes with the events that are currently happening inside the village. Let me name a few; why did the young boy die, where did the creatures that they weren’t allowed to speak of came from, why did the color red attracts those creatures and when and how did the truce began between the villagers and these beings? These questions started to wander in my mind, seeking for an answer, while I’m watching. As I wait for the answers to be revealed, more inquiries started to build up. The creatures were starting to intrude their village and the people where starting to panic. The villagers were worrying about their safety and the maintenance of peace in their land. This part of the movie directed my mind into diverse stream of thoughts.

The latter part of the movie was full of emotions, from rejection to the acceptance of love. It showed how love can cross boundaries. It was justified when Ivy’s sister forgave her regardless of the though that Ivy will marry Lucius – the first lover of her, and when Noah stabbed Lucius because he is in love with Ivy, and he cannot accept the fact that Ivy will marry another man. Another situation is when Ivy decided to cross the border of their village to seek for Lucius’ medication. Her courage and utmost love for his husband-to-be was definitely commendable. Her lack of eye sight didn’t become a hindrance for her to do the unbelievable.

At the near-ending of the movie, some questions that were constructed in my head was given an answer, I had a clearer view of why it started that way. I felt devastated to know that all of the things that were presented at the very beginning were all a lie though. I was tricked, as the villagers were hoaxed.

The story illustrates that a certain place can be controlled by certain individuals or a group – which in the movie are the elders. Whoever the citizens are considering as their leader will have the authority to say things – whether it is a lie or not - that will suddenly be the truth. Their cultures can also be dictated by the so called “elders” for they are the first settlers in that particular place. They can also influence and taint their believes regarding certain things.

In spite of watching the full movie, I didn’t quite understand why the elders lied to their people, knowing that there is a better place beyond those woods. Yes, it is because they have lost a love one in the town near by and wants to create a world where people can be trusted for the safety of all – to be able to protect the people they value. I find their reasons insufficient though, because there are still people who die inside their village, there were still families who lost a love one because of lack of medicine to cure their sickness or wounds. It is unfair for those who reside in that town for they were limited in a place where life is so mundane and repetitive each passing day. Does a man need to be in line with death for one elder to have the courage to unravel the secret that was long kept?

If I were Ivy, and I knew that there is beauty beyond the so called “forbidden forest” maybe I’ll get very disappointed with our elders for we, the townsmen, believed in everything that they said, bequeathed our trust and life in their hands, but from the very beginning, we were all living a lie. The movie confirmed what Socrates said that “a series of lies can become the truth”.


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