The VofD Episode 2 - The Equipment

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So I introduced the concept last time, thus time I go over the gear (1st generation) I am carrying to work on Voice of Damnation reporting... anti depressants and mace not included.

A Voice of Damnation Article

So I am expanding my horizons into vidcasting... what am I taking out on the road to cover all things I can get permission to cover? Let's see...

We'll start with the work horse of the cast, the camcorder.

The Vivitar HD 90
For more information go to

Thoughts and Review
This is straight up a budget camcorder. That suits me fine because I am just starting out so I need to have a small budget to work with, buying better equipment as I roll along and get more experience and followers. Still for a budget camcorder it is ok for a starter. Small handful of shiny red metal and plastic, nice handstrap, easy to carry but issues using though overall OK... let's break it down.

- Infrared lens
... I have no idea ...

- Full HD 720p
I'm sure everyone will NOT notice that in the final product.

- 4x zoom
Pity it's a physical wheel crank to work that... a bit stiff to manipulate.

- 64MB internal memory
Anything less than 1 GB is useless as internal memory. Have a 2GB SD card in it, upgrading to 4 GB once it arrives in the mail.

- Video stabilizer
We'll see about that soon enough

- Day/Night!? Doesn't matter since I am travelling via bus everywhere so I won't be out at night recording.

12 megapixel sensor
2.4" LCD screen (nice)
Video format .AVI (ugh... must find a video conversion program)
Built in microphone (actually works better than what I thought reading all the complaints... but I do have a backup plan)

Rechargeable battery...
Ugh. Charges slowly, drains a bit fast but not too fast... and why is it the recharge cord is a tight fit into the recharge port yet seems made to plug easily into the headphone slot easier... what the.

Power switch
Way too small, actually needs a stylus to depress properly (which I am carrying)

Menu system
Kinda works once you figure out how to work it... could be simpler though and wish the LCD screen had a touch screen feature.

Just based on the physical attributes and stuff I learned on my first day test... it's middle of the road for me. It's got its good points, and its drawbacks, but it's my first generation camcorder so it will serve me well in the days to come... a high 3 out of 5.

Other gear
- Shoulder bag
Small carrying bag for the camcorder. Admittedly too floppy for my tastes (need to find a better bag). Still it has a nice little pouch on the strap for AAA batteries (back up camcorder uses those) and overall carries the camcorder and stuff for it OK.

- MP3 player
Backup microphone for recording audio in case the built in microphone has Its limits.

- AAA batteries
For backup camera once it arrives

That s it... a bit light for a 1st generation gear pack... as I go I will figure out what to add once I am out in the world and figure that out on the field... speaking of which...

Next Time
The first active field tests recording in the real world... and the first controlled environ review vidcasts... stay tuned.


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