The Wrestling Album review

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My review of the 1985 wrestling album which was the soundtrack of the world wrestling federation at the time.

The Wrestling Album review.

The Wrestling Album was release in 1985. If featured stars of the world wrestling federation and I found it to be a very good album. Here are the songs:

The Wrestlers-Land of a thousand dances

I found this song to be very catchy. It features pretty much the whole roster at the time all singing their lines. I found it funny and a good song.

Junkyard Dog-Grab them cakes

This song was another funny song. Dog could not sing too well but he was not awful. His charisma carried him through this song and the fact that he was so likeable and popular at the time made it great.

Rick Derringer-Real American

This song was made for Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo but Hulk Hogan made it his own. It was sung by a real singer so it was good and Hogan used it for years after he dropped eye of the tiger.

Jimmy Hart-Eat your heart out Rick Springfield

This song was an answer song to the song “Jessie’s Girl” Hart could sing so it was a good catchy song.

Lou Albano-History of Music

This song was great even though Lou could not sing. It was just funny and entertaining like most of this album.

World Wrestling Federation All Stars-Hulk Hogan’s theme

This song became the theme for the “Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Wrestling” cartoon show. It did not have lyrics but it had a good sound for what it was.

Roddy Piper-For Everybody

Piper was a bad guy at the time so this song basically was him telling everyone off. It was a fun song and it was all Piper. He was a great villain back then.

Gene Okerlund-Tutti Frutti

Gene can sing. This song made you want to dance. It was a great cover he did. One of the better songs on the album.

Hillbilly Jim-Don’t go messing with a country boy

This song had stupid lyrics but was catchy. It fit the character Jim was portraying so it worked.

Nikolai Volkoff-Cara Mia

Worst song on the album. Skip it.

So there you have it. It is an old album but if you remember these wrestlers and there time in the 80's check it out.

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