The Young & the Restless: Victor and J.T.'s Bitter Fight

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This week on The Young and the Restless, Victor and J.T. have a bitter fight that ends in tragedy.

Victor and J.T.'s Bitter Fight

Victor set a trap for J.T. and J.T. fell for it when he went over to Victor's ranch searching for proof of Victor's alleged crimes. He was digging for proof because Police Commissoner Paul Williams and his wife, attorney Christine, wanted proof that would allow them to bring Victor in on his alleged crimes that they, along with several other Genoa City residents, feel Victor Newman, or The Mustache, as he has been so named, have gotten away with for far too long.

Anyway, back to the story...Victor found J.T. snooping, as he figured he would, and called him into his office. J.T. went along, wondering what Victor was up to and when they were alone, Victor let it slip that he was onto J.T.

The Set-Up

Victor called J.T. out on his snooping and J.T. became defensive. But the real shock was when Victor showed a video of an argument that transpired between J.T. and Victor's daughter, Victoria, that led to J.T. putting his hands around Victoria's neck.

(After some time, J.T. and Victoria made up after J.T. "promised" it wouldn't happen again, and pledged his love for Victoria, and the couple became engaged.)

After viewing the video, that Victor had put in Victoria's home, obviously without their knowledge, Victor gave J.T. an ultimatum that turned into a violent brawl when Victor went after J.T. and the two engaged in a brawl. Throwing punches at each other and tossing each other around the room, the fight continued out of Victor's office where, in the heat of anger, J.T. violently pushed Victor down the flight of stairs.

(The episode was a Friday cliffhanger that ended as viewers watched Victor fall to the bottom unconscious...leaving viewers to wonder if Victor made it until Monday.)

Who Will Be Blamed?

Will J.T. fess up to pushing Victor down the stairs or will he take off and disappear?

Will Jack Abbott Be Blamed?

Or the blame be cast on Jack Abbott, Victor's arch nemesis? Jack and Victor have been bitter rivals for many years. Jack's latest stunt is going in with Victoria to make it look as if Ashley gave corporate secrets to Jack, which resulted in Victor demoting Victoria and Ashley set to sue Newman Enterprises for wrongful termnation and Jack for defamation of character.

Tune In For More

Since this is a review of the story, tune in on Monday, March 26, to see what happens to Victor, J.T. and who will get the blame for Victor Newman's demise?

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