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Is getting two screens worth the investment? My advice and experience with them.


I feel that anyone with a pc or laptop should have two screens. You might think, well what do you gain and is it hard?

No it is not hard, and no downloads required. You gain a much quicker and efficient workspace and an easier flowing pc. One typical scenario is you need to copy and change something of the web, instead of flipping between windows, you have word open on one screen and then have the Internet on the other, or a more relaxed scenario is where you have iTunes/media player open on one so you are in continuous control of your music then use the other screen to browse the web, write an article. Before you stop reading; win xp, vista and 7 all support multiple screens! All you need is a graphics card or mobo (motherboard) with 2 vga/dvi/hdmi screen outputs. (if you want and graphics card with this and that will also play the latest games please see my graphics card review on the 9800gt)


Once you have a graphics card or mobo with two ports you can go ahead and buy your second screen. Then plug it in and boot up your computer and on vista and 7 right click on the desktop and go to display properties and then select the right resolution, then choose "extend desktop across both screens" and you can decide on your primary Monitor ect.... Then apply. After this you can just move your cursor across to your scordary screen! It really is that easy!

For a laptop you can just set it up then when you don't want to use it take out the plug so you do not need to worry about leaving your laptop in the same place all the time, it can still be portable.

My experience

Personally I have a 20inch screen as my primary monitor and then my old 16inch secondary monitor. This works great and shows that they do not need to be the same size. On my desktop I have bumptop open on my secondary screen then all my "gadgets" on my primary. This setup has changed the way I use computers and I will never turn back, as it is just so much more convienet.

In every aspect of my computer I always find a way to use my 2 screens, even when I am playing a game I have graphs on my smaller screen to show my framerate and the temp of my computer to stop me breaking anything!

From what I have experienced or heard people say I can say there are any disadvantages apart from price, with a good screen around £100 and the fact that it does take up more space than your average pc! So if you don't already, order your second screen now!


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