The changing face of food - a look at celebrity chefs across the years.

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A look at the different celebrity chefs that have helped in the shape of cuisine in the UK.

Fanny Cradock

Fanny Cradock was arguably the pantomime dame of television cookery. In her early years her food was perceived as fanciful and too expensive. It was actually completely affordable and fun, showing the generation of post-war Britain that food could be fun, even on a low budget.

Her television programmes and subsequent books were extremely popular and had a massively aspirational spin on them. Her cooking style began as homely and looking back very reminiscent of how our grandmothers would have cooked.

In the post year wars, people were getting used to having a higher abundance of food but Cradock was quick to illustrate that while her dishes were elaborate they were also affordable. As one of the founders of television cookery, she paved the way for many chefs to follow in her footsteps and although we would find her food completely outlandish now, her techniques are still in use today.

Delia Smith

The unequivocal ambassador of food. Delia Smith has had a career in television cookery that has spanned five decades. Her simple, instructional style has taught millions of people to cook foods from the most simple to food for special occasions.

Smith has moved with the times and has adapted her style over the years to accommodate her audience. She has however always maintained her simple style to allow generation after generation to follow her. The basic recipes that she has published are now the backbone of British cooking and is usually the last word in cooking. Have a question? Ask Delia.

Delia has charted her success through longevity. From humble beginnings as a pot wash girl and an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Smith has become an institution in her own right.

Keith Floyd

Like Cradock, Floyd was an eccentric character that endeared himself to millions. One of the key aspects of his cookery was the foreign cuisine that he brought to the UK. Floyd was unashamedly a drinker, often opening a bottle of wine for a splash and drinking the rest whilst cooking,

Floyd was renowned for taking cookery programmes out of the studio, often travelling around the world to sample local cuisines and to cook on location. It was however his drinking that ultimately led to his demise.

Nigella Lawson

One of the most controversial television cooks that there has been. Lawson's early programmes were unashamedly pornography for food. This was later toned down in subsequent series but her unequivocal passion for food still shines through.

Cooking in a time when people are becoming increasingly concerned with what is in their food, Lawson unashamedly seasons and uses ingredients that would have some people turn their noses up. What she does however is illustrate that you can eat what you like but within reason. There is an equal mix of motherly cooking and adult indulgence throughout her programmes.

In ways she is an updated version of Delia Smith, pushing the boundaries on traditional recipes and always looking to modernise recipes from the past.

Jamie Oliver

The ultimate cheeky chappy from Essex burst onto our screens and gave food the life that it deserves. This first series, The Naked Chef gave birth to the phrase "Pukka" and is one that has always since been associated with the happy go lucky chef.

Olivers food is heavily influenced by Italy and foreign cultures. He always seeks to find the best of the local and has, in recent year, become a major ambassador for healthy eating in schools.

As with Smith, we have seen Jamie Oliver grow over the years and hopefully we shall see him for many years to come.


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author avatar Denise O
8th Jul 2011 (#)

I just love Jamie and Nigella. I don't know a lot about the others. My girlfriend and I always use a phrase Jamie does, "that's rock and roll now". LOL
Nigella always makes me hungry.
Great information on UK chefs I tell ya. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Jamie Oliver is even known in the USA and Canada, I am not familiar with the others.

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
14th Jul 2011 (#)

thank you for the article.

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