The divine would be 90 today

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On December 2snd., 1923, the best and privileged voice of the 20th Century was born in Maria Callas´s body.

The divine would be 90 today

As usual, Google search alert us on an anniversary, informing that on a day like today, Maria Callas known as the Divine was born in the USA ninety years ago.
I´m not very fond of opera, not because I don´t appreciate this art, but because opera is a type of music on which one has to be in since an early age. I was not. With other types of music, one can get into them at any age. Anyone who is used to listening to classical music, no matter its age, will love a concert or listening a symphony any time, but not with opera. There´re people who love and others who hate it. there´s nothing in between.
Or, it´s perhaps me who is starting to listen to it. I´ve my favourite arias and operas, but I don´t think I´ve watched a full opera in the theatre, if we don´t count Aida that I watched as a film when I was seven or eight years old. I don´t know who performed in it, but it seems I liked it, because I used to fall asleep in the cinema, but on that occasion, I watched the full film open-eyed.
I´ve heard Maria Callas and she had, indeed, an extraordinary and beautiful voice. It was a pity that after she had met Aristotle Onassis, her promising career started to go downhill. It was, as it´s being said, her biggest mistake.
Her life was as full as scandal as it was full of excellent music and a notorious one was when she was going to perform "Norma" at La Scala. She was unlucky to catch a bad cold and her doctors advised her not to sing. It was announced that due to Maria´s bad cold, she was going to be replaced. The audience started to yell, saying that there was no one able to replace Callas as she was unique. In the end, she decided to sing, knowing that her voice wasn´t in good form, but she had to leave through a back door, fearing the public in L´Scala. On the next day, she met the republic´s president´s wife who told her that they hadn´t been disappointed about her performance.
On this same year, Callas performed with Alfredo Krauss in "La Traviata" in an unforgetful performance. There´re very few recordings or videos of that genius pair that performed "La Traviata" in 1958, but the few that there are are worth listening to despite their precarious recording.
I´m not used to opera listening, but I´m at it, listening at least my favourite arias and operas such as Verdi´s and I already know her voice was simply divine and imposible to replace by someone else.

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3rd Dec 2013 (#)

Indeed Callas was a one and only Diva! After her and troubled agent made a movie and after that she opposed to playbacks it was the end. She was obsess with her voice and the loss of it with time after her ill fated romance to Ari who left her for Jackie Kennedy, nice one Vicky!

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