The gaming industry really doesn't care anymore.

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This article is about the reasons why most people are starting to quit working on quality and are working on making more money.


I really do miss the old gaming industry. It was where people practically made games so that everyone would have fun with them. Pretty much when you go to a bakery, where the person that makes the food just wants to see the satisfaction on one's face. Now, its practically just a bakery that tries to make their foods more cheap and more expensive. Then, every time you eat there, most of the foods taste the same, just with a different design. At this point, the gaming industry instead wants money rather than players. I don't believe they care about people not liking the game, as long as they bought it. This article lists examples of how they no longer care. Besides, most of the games are starting to get boring, and I REALLY do need some fun in my video gaming life.

Additional content for an extra money grab.

This one is on the MMO side. DLCs are Downloadable Content. Pretty much something to add to the game, such as new items, a longer story, etc. However, DLC can be free, or it can cost. I have seen some DLC that are minor and are worth too much of their actual value. Another thing is paywalls. Imagine trying to climb a wall in a fair for a certain reward, but then they made it so high and it would take a long time for you to get over the top. That's practically a paywall. A paywall is where in a game, sometimes you need to beat a mission, however it either means paying USD to cross it, or grinding for a VERY long time to get over it. That is your only two options. Otherwise, you got no choice. Unless of course, one of your friends do it for you, which means they are only wasting their time and you aren't wasting yours.

P2W (Pay 2 Win)

Play to win games are games that usually have grinding in them. But, paying USD for items that will help you win a game doesn't make any sense. Example, you are in a PvP game. All of a sudden, a guy thats Lvl 5 comes up to fight you, whilst you are a much experienced person. However, they had paid for some gear, and you easily get annihilated. It does say it in its name, you have to pay to win, if you don't pay, good luck on killing a person that paid for items. But yet, this is this most common on the free to play games, where it doesn't cost anything to enter. Too bad it actually costs something to even enjoy it in the first place! Its actually a marketing strategy, too. You believe that some people are going to make a game for free? When people pay to win, this can anger someone. When there is enough people playing to win, the person may end up playing to win, realizing how fun it is. Afterwards, they keep spending and spending, and that's where their profits come from.

Developers giving up games.

When people sell out games, they are always given a really good deal to sell them. However, when they sell the game, they realized that the people that bought it earned more than what the developer was given. This really does mean that the developer didn't really care about the community. I know no one wants to pass up to one million dollars, but when a game has way too much potential, there is no way a company is going to overlook it. Depending on its potential, and the worth of the company, it can go from 100,000$, to 10,000,000$ of cash to obtain a certain game. The reason why this is bad is because when the games are being bought, they are mainly given DLC, forced to grind by killing so many monsters and having to repeat missions, and many more things that ruin the gameplay. Spiral Knights is an good example of this. (But I have no idea how much the company gave for the game.) Was a very nice game back then, came back to see how terrible it is.


Its sad how everything just dulls out in time. Majority of the games that we have now are either remasters or sequels, which is actually sad. I have heard of some new games that might NOT be a sequel or a remaster. The console is really starting to get boring with their sequels and remasters, too. The most probable reason why the games are getting worse because of developers quitting on consoles and going on the PC games. When you develop PC games, you get more money than what you would do making a console game. It also turns out to be easier for them, I believe they had said. Most of the fun games are starting to come to the PC, too. I plan to buy my own gaming laptop and start playing on the PC games instead. Not only that, but they are much cheaper than the average 59.99$ you have to pay for games nowadays. With a gaming laptop, I no longer have to worry about which console I pick, because whatever laptop I pick may end up being a lot better than the PS4! Cross your fingers, and I may manage to get it.


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21st Jul 2015 (#)

You are so right LivelyAurora. The thing that proves your point for me is that nowadays, games are being shipped incredibly broken, like Halo Master Chief Collection, and Arkham Knight (for PC anyway).

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