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Of course, these are not the only few I read. I just thought they had something that stirred some unusual thinking. I express my thoughts, without inhibitions, hoping that somebody will see merit in them.

Mystery man

I guess writing the name of the person, or providing links to their posts is not acceptable. So I will call this fellow countryman, the mystery man. He wrote a great post on some paranormal activity, and I am feeling bad I opened it at 10.30 pm Indian standard time. I am now afraid to sleep. By the way, I don't believe in ghosts till I am asked to prove that by going to haunted places. Seriously, I think it has to be something in air that stirs up some chemical compositions in every brain, and revives that part of the brain in which is some stored data about ghosts that we heard of when we were kids. Back then I heard a story of a stranded group, that ate away a dead friend. And the friend became a ghost, and started asking them "give me my liver, give me my kidneys". Pity he did not ask for surgeons to have them sutured again. That is grown up rational me. When I heard the story, I was 10?

Second post was about cancer

This brave and beautiful lady told me how she battled with cancer more than once. I hope the vegan diet suits her though I don't think it is essentially something to do with vegan diet. If that were so, many in India (including me) are vegans, but we have cases of cancers too. I didn't have the heart to dampen her spirits.

Terrorists - don't I know to shock people out of their wits.

The disclaimer here is, I at times go overboard for that shocking effect. So don't think I am serious about it. I merely explore the hows, whats, whens, and wheres. So this lady has an opinion that terrorists should not be shown any leniency. I agree. However, death penalty is extremely lenient. A man kills 100 people, but when we punish, we punish him only once, right? Therefore, the terrorist gets the last laugh if we send him to gallows. But if, instead, we study his brain maps, we might learn how to manipulate them, in a positive way. In that way, we can prevent future crimes by terrorists. For that, I suggested study the physiological changes when the terrorist watches a video of another religion. Take body fluids samples of terrorist before, after, and during the video show, and based on that find an antidote so that future bouts of terrorism are prevented. The lady was shocked. But credit should go to Hitler. Using humans as lab specimen was his idea. Right? The operative word being "humans".

Guilt trip - the outcomes.

Here, I think there are three possible outcomes.

1. Feel guilty? - Repair the harm done as far as possible, preferably through others so that it won't be admission of guilt in public.

2. Feel guilty? - Don't bother. Nobody will know. In fact, repeat the crime. Others aren't as intelligent. If they are, go ahead and find a million ways to justify it so much so that you start believing in your devious reasoning.

3. Feel guilty? - And there is no possibility to repair the harm? Be unhappy and drown yourself either in alcohol, or in the process of making more money.

The post dealt with third outcome.


I got a chance to admit I am prejudiced too. And justify it as well. But in another post, I did mention that we need to solve the problem of racial prejudices, and at least be there 24/7 for our kids, if the problem is not resolved. How, and when is as much of mystery to me, as to others. But I for one would not want my child to go out there, and be teased to a point that he develops prejudices and carries on the legacy for another generation. Now that sounds rational to me.

Donald Trump and racial prejudice

Nothing is permanent in politics. Even gorilla glass. Whoever believes the words of politicians needs a hot cup of black coffee to come out of stupor. As to Trump, he needs to get real. Quite a few of those folks may be working in his empire. Imagine ending up in a hospital, and you are surrounded by nurses and doctors who belong to the race you just condemned as a Republican. What if they decide that you should go into a coffin instead? No amount of wealth can buy you a passage back Mr. Trump. I guess you did not know that, otherwise, you would not have come up with such childish outburst. But to be honest, we each have different sets of prejudices. We adhere to them, regularly.

With this I end my today's post. I hope your journey today on wikinut was pleasant too.


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18th Jul 2015 (#)

Very nicely put, Vandana. Thanks for making a mention of the mystery man i.e. me.
Well, I certainly didn't intend to be the cause of your nightmares but having said that, certain stories like the one I wrote are meant to be read at night only to enjoy them to the fullest. Just kidding. Nice post on the reviews. Thanks Vandana.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting review, thanks Vandana. I have not read all of them yet - siva

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