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Classical music is the oldest form of music and it forms the basis for many other forms of music. The person who has mastered this art is considered to have gained the approbation of the goddess of knowledge or "SARASWATI". Here is a small piece of writing about one of the forms of classical music : The CARNATIC MUSIC.

The history of Carnatic music

THE CARNATIC MUSIC : It is a system of music associated with the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is considered to originate from the four modern states of India: AndhraPradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.
It is one of two main forms of Indian classical music that evolved from oldest Hindu traditions; the other form being Hindustani music, which emerged as a distinct form because of Persian and Islamic influences in North India.
The main emphasis in Carnatic music is on vocal music; most compositions are written to be sung, and even when played on instruments, they are meant to be performed along with a singing style..

The basics for beginners

As any other subject, it has got basics which are taken into consideration for having a grip over the subject for a beginner.These basics also analyze the capacity of the beginner as a singer.How much breath he can hold,what is the range of his voice,whether he can sing according to the beat and finally the whether he can grasp the tongue twisters.

The terms used are : Sruti or the pitch, swara or the musical nodes, raaga or the musical principle followed ,thalam or the rhythm .All the four basics are pillars of the music which on practice,get refined ,resulting a melody.

Origins of carnatic music date back to sama veda which is one of the four scriptures and said to have laid the foundation of music.There are 7 swaras each with 3 alternatives,around 72 parent ragas which in turn have subdivisions, 7 main thalams.These are like the ingredients to be taken for a recipe.It all depends on the way we render the compositions made out of these ingredients which make a "melodious recipe " In other words these are like the grammar which has to be learnt to boost the knowledge and become proficient in the subject.

How difficult it is to learn

It becomes difficult to write Carnatic music using the staff notation which requires that the song be played in a certain key. The notions of key and absolute pitch are deeply rooted in Western music, whereas the Carnatic notation does not specify the key and prefers to use scale degrees (relative pitch) to denote notes. The singer is free to choose the actual pitch of the tonic note. In the more precise forms of Carnatic notation, there are symbols placed above the notes indicating how the notes should be played or sung; however, informally this practice is not followed.
Carnatic music continued to be transmitted orally for centuries without being written down. The disadvantage with this system was that if one wanted to learn about a kriti composed, by an expert, it involved the difficult task of finding a person from his pedigree or line of students.

The divinity of the music

The music is considered as being divine mainly due to the compositions which are nothing but songs praising the lord.The main philosophy of life is to be able to unite with the almighty and that is what is called being enlightened.
The same is done by most of the composers of the carnatic music who would render their services only for worshiping the almighty.They were completely away from the usual daily routines of social living and were immersed in praying the lord through their compositions.
Each and every composition has got great meaning which keeps us reminding that ultimate goal of a human being is knowing the almighty.

Learners and Teachers

Unfortunately, now we don't find students who are interested in learning it.The reasons may be many...but the number of people who are fascinated to learn it is not mentionable.
Most of the music is now learned through online,CDs ,DVDs etc.But one has to know that it can be more interesting when we learn it with a teacher and students all around making a classroom environment and exchanging ideas and discussing about the elements of the music.
There is also a drastic decrease in teachers who are deeply concerned about passing their knowledge to the next generation.Most of the experts find it hard to teach an amateur as they expect the same wavelength from the student as they have and its too hard to get a student with the same levels of interest,grasping and memory.And thus the expert drop the idea teaching with interest and thus the knowledge is left with the teacher.
Some others who are more interesting in making money out of the art,keep the students engaged only to maintain their monthly income and thus the students themselves leave the idea of learning ,halfway and thus the same thing is repeated ...

It is very rare that music is learned as a discipline and compositions understood with interest and the art is passed on to next generations with love for music...only to make it live longer ! I admire the ones who have got this quality and hope to find such people all over the world as Gifts of Melody from God to serve the mankind.


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