There is Life After Death: ExpertsColumn is Back with New Makeup Now Offers More Earnings Opportunities

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Why leave ExpertsColumn when in fact you can still make money from the previous articles you have published on their site? EC is back with new makeup and offers more earnings opportunities for the old members and new would-be contributors.

There is Life After Death

After the great crashed in 2013, ExpertsColumn is back with the new and improved version. Now the site is not just only a revenue sharing website. It has diversified itself into a complete set for blogging and social networking platform as well. Its members can create blogs, edit them, post articles and get paid.

Sources of Income at ExpertsColumn

The new makeup of ExpertsColumn offers many earnings opportunities. Members can create their own blogs, read other members’ blogs, leave comments on those blogs, post on member’s wall posts, add other members as friends, send those private messages, chat in real time mode with them and do much more. And best of all, its members will get paid for doing these activities as ExpertsColumn is now a home to endless fun, social and financial activities.

Niche Blogging at New ExpertsColumn

One of the most interesting things introduced in the new ExpertsColumn is the niche blogging, example: writing articles around similar topics. So each member’s blog would become a niche blog. A member can write only those types of articles on his blog which are relevant to his own blog as a sub-domain of However, this does not mean that a member could not write articles for other niches. He can always create new blogs for that purpose. Example: articles about health and fitness – first he should create a blog for health and fitness alone and publish articles under it.

Make Money from Old Published Articles at Old ExpertsColumn

So if you were an old member of ExpertsColumn when the site crashed in 2013, you can still go back to ExpertsColumn and request its webmaster to reactivate your log-in account and password. Its owner will be happy to help you retrieve your EC account and enjoy posting more articles to your blog. The owner assured its old members that all of what they have published on the old ExpertsColumn were all imported to their EC blogs. However, their published articles on the old EC should be at least above five articles. If less than five articles they would need to create new blogs for their EC sub-domain account blogs.

ExpertsColumn has Stricter Writing Policy

When the ExpertsColumn has changed its face, the site is no longer accepting articles which were already published somewhere else. It is stated on their new writing rules and policies that ExpertsColumn contributors should publish first their original stuff on their EC blogs before they can publish them to other publishing sites. It is also mentioned on their writing policy that a contributor can include images with their articles. But all images are owned by the writers not just taken from somewhere else.

ExpertsColumn Welcomes Writers to Try Its New Platform

Now ExpertsColumn is attracting old, new and would-be new EC contributors to try their passion for writing for EC and make money by simply writing articles on the topics that they love. Moreover, they will get their own personal space in the form of a blog exclusively for their articles.

So there are no limits and no boundaries – just write as many articles as you can afford to though just ensure that your articles are as per EC writing guidelines and apart from getting paid for writing articles, you can also get paid for posting comments and writing on the walls of other members. Expertscolumn now has become a mix of blogging and social networking features where you get paid for doing both. They value your association with them; as such they would feel honored welcoming you to try their new platform.

Leaving ExpertsColumn is Your Stand

For those who have decided to leave ExpertsColumn – think it again. You don’t need to leave EC specially if you have hundreds and thousands published articles on the old ExpertsColumn. Visit EC and request your log-in account and start making money from them. They are just waiting for you on the blog assigned to you by the site. Honestly speaking, I am no longer publishing new articles on the new EC until now and yet still, I am still an active member and I am still getting paid. I have at least 212 published articles on the old EC – now I am still making money from them as you see on the above photo.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
27th May 2014 (#)

Nice coverage of this site. I haven't written for EC as of yet, but I like to hear about other writers' experiences. Thanks!

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author avatar Mari Goldmos
24th Aug 2014 (#)

Hello!It was interesting for me to know about another opportunity to write, publish and comunicate. Thank you!

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