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The old West days are gone. Some of the fashion remains pretty much the same but now an old cowboy staple has taken on a more striking appearance.

Cowboy Boots Undergo Transformation

Typically, when I think of everyday fashion in Mexico, a dreamy scene enters my mind. I think of faded jeans, turquoise jewelry, and cowboy boots. As is turns out, I am right on one count. It is quite evident that cowboy boots have taken a turn from dull to daring! The once “standard” in footwear is turning heads and making bold statements. Forget the old brown or black versions of boots. These new creations are a bursting garden variety of eye candy and a must have for many a boot wearer in Mexico.

Old Cowboy Fashion Turns Up The Volume

What makes these boots such a popular item is the way in which they are constructed. They don’t just simply point up on the end. They go far beyond what was considered average looking only a year ago. These are visually somewhere between Aladdin’s slippers and elf shoes. They come in such a wide variety of patterns and colors that there are pairs being worn with almost any attire. Some of the points, which are actually extensions, curl up so far they nearly reach the knee and can go as high as the hip. These are definitely not like the old style cowboy boots that have been worn for generations.

Are These Boots Accepted By the Public?

There seems to be a divide about what people in Mexico and those in general think of these fashion statements. Some think they look completely ridiculous and are offended that people actually wear and admire them. Others are quite the opposite. In fact, it has been stated that women are attracted to men donning these flashy kicks and men are finding they are the objects of desire because they wear them. After viewing several pictures of these unusual boots, I must admit there is quite an intrigue about them. Would I ever pull on a pair? It is highly doubtful. They are exaggerated and cartoonish but I say more power to you, if that tickles your fancy. I always approve, when people are bold and daring enough to really cause a stir with fashion. There are many people who are willing to go the extra mile to fit into fashion crazed themes.

Pointy Ascent

Even though these pointy boots are not the absolute rage for many Mexican communities, they are gaining popularity daily. It is expected that this will be a huge fashion trend for the year 2012 and not just for Mexico. Towns in the United States close to the border are also celebrating this trend and the potential for nationwide appeal could continue on from there. Boot makers are quick to embrace yet another aspect of their craft as more and more of these boots are sold each day. I think I’ll remain a nonconformist and stay with a less pointy approach when it comes to shoes and boots. Sure is fun to look at, though.


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21st Jul 2011 (#)

I must say these are very unique boots. I have never seen such boots before.

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