Three 4X Space Empire Games

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For when planetary domination just isn't enough, these games allow you to conquer whole star systems in the quest to expand your empire.

Galactic Civilizations II

A very widespread and intricate game, GalCiv 2 allows a player to control one of several different races, each with their own bonuses and disadvantages. Or, if none of them suit your tastes, you can simply create your own species. Players colonise planets and wage war across the stars using ships that you design yourself, so you can tailor your war fleet to fight precisely how you want it to. The game is turn based, allowing you to effectively manage your economy, industry and diplomacy at a pace that's comfortable for you. The expansions also offer a wide array of new technologies for the already expansive tech trees, as well as brand new races. The only disadvantage is that the battles are pre-determined, though you can watch them happen in a cinematic you have no input on the battle, be it in space or on a planet.

Space Empires V

The first of the Space Empire games to be made in 3D, SE V also adds real time combat to the already popular game mechanics of its predecessor. Similar to the Civilization games, SE V allows players to win through more than just warfare, though it is the most direct and simplest option. Players control entire star systems and can either refine their culture or work on building a fleet of starships with which to vanquish their foes.

Sword of the Stars

Despite its ages, SOTS is definitely a game to play. With the expansions increasing the number of races substantially, the different factions in the game all play in a completely different manner. It's more than just different bonuses and tech trees, each species requires completely different strategies to win the game. Everything except the battles occurs in a turn based scenario, similar to GalCiv 2 with the added bonus of the actual combat taking place in realtime where you can control your own units.


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