Three Free to Play Mmorpgs for PvP

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Not everyone can afford to play WoW consistently. These MMORPGs are totally free to play, so everyone can share in the contest.

Dark Eden

Vampires vs. Vampire hunters is definitely going to be a dark and promising experience. Coming from SoftOn Interactive, Dark Eden allows any player to battle another outside of pre-designated safe zones from level one right until the end of the game. Weapons range from grenades and shotguns to katana and turrets. This isn't for Twilight fans, this a nitty, gritty and dark world of vampires for fans of Underworld and Blade, and is definitely worth checking out.

2029 Online

2029 Online is a remarkably player-driven MMO. Players actions have permanent, lasting effects on the game world. Guilds can conquer cities, daily battlefields can be fought over. The game has a solid combat structure which even mixes in some RTS elements, providing for a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved.

Red Cliff Online

Easily topping this list comes Red Cliff Online. A game lovingly crafted around story-driven PvP, RCO is more than just pointless grinding, as it forces players to work their way up the ranks from lowly citizen to a commander of an army. Yes, I mentioned armies. Battles take place across vast territories, with entire armies duking it out for control. Quests involve being given objectives to complete in the middle of a PvP battle, allowing them to grow in ranks. And fighting itself is more than number crunching, as players are forced to strategise and react quickly similar to a regular fighting game. Later on, players can reach a rank that allows them to gain a mount and command NPC soldiers in battle.


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