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In this game review I will write cool and important features that PGA '14 has to offer...


I was really excited when the EA Tiburon crew announced that they were going to release the sequel to the last year’s only golf game. The reason for my excitement was that the last game did not bring anything new to the franchise, much to my disappointment. So, this year’s release was highly anticipated.

I have to say, when the game came out, I was not disappointed. The amount of new things added, while still keeping the same core engine of the game, has been on a quite satisfactory level, at least enough to make me to buy the game. With things like night playing, all four tournaments, the all new history Legends of the Majors and a few other key features, it will be hard to resist playing this game for hours.

Game mechanics

The game mechanics in this game follows the principle of regular sequels to sports games. While, this year, FIFA 14 and PES14 have seen major changes in the model of play (after a lot of time), the guys at EA Tiburon decided to go with the same model and just correct few minor things from the previous release that have proven to be either too easy or too hard.

One of the major changes is the so called ‘shot shaping’ that has been added now. Now, in order to hit those draws or fades that we so often see golfers perform on the field, you have to move the shot stick diagonally, with the degree of rotation varying according to the difficulty of the shot. This is different to the standard pull-back push-forward strike that has been used before. So, when you perform such a shot, you will really feel accomplished and pleased with yourself. Also, it adds to the reality of the game.

Also, the developers have realized that the previous way of putting was made too easy, so they decided to roll back and make it more difficult (and real) again. Before, you were putting using the gamepad buttons, but now you also use the left analog stick to perform the put. You get one putt preview per shot, which makes things a little easier, because it will show you whether you need to correct your aim.

Movement recognition support

The movement recognition techniques and support depends on the console that you are using to play the game. Playstation Move, for example, performs excellently and the game has been even more tweaked to support this way of playing. The Move controller is now even more sensitive and accurate than before which ensures that you will really feel like a golfer if you play the game this way. The only thing is that the controller in no way resembles a golf stick, which can put you a bit off balance, but, I’m sure that this will not provide any discomfort as soon as you get used to it.

On the other hand, the support for the Xbox Kinect is still full of problems and bugs. It is quite frustrating to try to use this motion sensor. If you think that using the Move controller is uncomfortable, you will be gravely disappointed to try and play without anything in your hand. It will make you feel really weird trying to hit the ball. Also, the menu just won’t work together with you and you will spend quite a lot of time waving at the sensor just to get it to notice you.

Game features

When it comes to key features that are added to this new release, I have to say I am quite fascinated. I’ve even decided to get extra help, in the form of my good friend now working at Lost Golf Balls, because I am not as acquainted with the history of golf, which is the biggest addition to the game. The Legends of the Majors is a completely separate game mode which will take you throughout the history of golf, from Tom Morris’ first steps in 1873, over many key events, up to the present time. Everything is done accordingly. For example, there is a sepia effect for the oldest challenges, which will give you the feel of a real 1900s game. Also, the first players have no option of spinning the ball, which makes it a bit harder (and again, more realistic) to play.

Also, for the first time, there are all four PGA major events are included in the game and are all playable from the beginning. Career mode has been even more improved (with each player being able to choose the type of game that they want to play: power or control) and they have even included women now and the LPGA, which is a major step forward.

Online play

As the introductory video informs you at the beginning, the options for online playing have been significantly enhanced. You can now play a tournament with up to 24 players at once and the best part is that you all play at the same time and everyone can see the trails of each of the players’ balls simultaneously. You can also experience the live weather at the course, so you will get the feel that you are really there, playing with your friends, right now. Voice chatting with your friends has been much improved, so now it is easier to communicate and talk with your friends during a game, which also adds to the reality of the feeling.


With all being said and done, I've left graphics as the last category because, with everything that I've said, it seemed to be the least important. Of course, buggy graphics would ruin the whole deal, but this is far from it. Everything runs smoothly, the game is fluid, without any cramps. You even have the possibility of choosing the time of the day when you will play, so, aside from the regular setting, it is possible to play at sunrise or sunset. Playing during the night (which is also possible) gives a special feeling to the whole experience, because there are luminescent balls and everything shines differently in the moonlight.


All in all, my recommendation is that you should definitely spend some time with this game, especially if you've got a motion-sensor controller. You will feel like you are playing real golf, which is, basically, everything that you need in a sports simulation.


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Interesting article.

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Nice review, seems like an interesting game.

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