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Every visited a Toby Carvery? See if any of these thoughts resonate with you

Toby in the Toby Carvery

So today I went to the Toby Carvery. It was lush, and a nice change to get out of the hustle and bustle. The only thing was it was heaving, which you wouldn't expect for what was nearing Sunday evening. We found our seats in the restaurant which did feel very homey, then braved the queue of ravenous fork-wielding customers (some of them). What happened then was just as we ducked out of the queue to ask for some crispier roast potatoes to replace the anaemic - looking ones on display, an opportunistic woman and her mum jumped infront of us. The cheek. There then followed your typical British eye-rolling, hushed toned communication between us, to establish whether we had infact been taken over in the queue or it was imagined. Well the lady was onto us and got rather shirty and confrontational, before surrending her (our) place in the queue claiming she was 'not that hungry'. I did my best polite British papering over of the event with an awkward smile and shimmy along, eyeing the food expectantly. Trust me you do not want to be caught in a queue of hungry carvery goers of a sunday evening, it aint pretty.

Visiting the Toby today got me thinking - surely the Sunday roast is THE most sacred of meals for us Brits, all of us liking it cooked certain way, with certain veg and this and that on the side - or even just a plate of yorkshires as I saw one girl bring back to her table. So why then would we choose to go and enjoy this most sacred of meals jam- packed into a restaurant with people we don't know, and practically elbow deep in Toby gravy? What happened to the nostalgic days of cooking a roast at home? This was something I mused over today, that and how the servers can never seem to manage a smile, let alone a decent cut of meat. There is a fine art to cooking a roast dinner, and sadly the Toby haven't quite mastered it with overboiled carrots, jellied gravy and suspect condiments that look like kids have had their fingers in them. That's not to say I'm not grateful, it is good value and although I never finish my plateful (very full) , it's a splendid feed to warm the cockles.

After dinner we started speaking to a young girl who'd just had the teeny tiniest of babies (he was premature). His name was, you guessed it, Toby! We met Toby in the Toby carvery! He was too young at only weeks old to appreciate it, but I'm sure one day he'll have unexplained hankerings for roast dinners - the carvery being one of his earliest of outings with his parents. He was just gorgeous, and his mum so enamoured of him she didn't even mind her dinner getting cold - now that's love.

If you're looking for a Toby in London (the restaurant that is) there are a couple to be found in East London, which aren't far at all really and well worth the trip. I would recommend going on a Saturday rather than a Sunday as it's less busy, and wear your 'stretchy pants' to make the most of it. May I also suggest asking for a decent cut of meat, and crispy roasties - it did make them bring some out after all. Just know that all eyes will be on you should you choose to pile your plate too high - don't overdo it though, you'll need to make room for that bottomless custard, yum!


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