Top 10 Foods Of The Future

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Most of us already know about soya products. Made from soya beans, these products have found some traction in Asia. Prepared properly, these products have a texture that is very similar to meat and, with some inventive seasoning, can provide a wide variety of flavor. Soya is just one example that is currently being used. Other …

Top 10 Foods Of The Future

When talking about food of the future, soylent green (the foodstuffs made out of people from the classic Sci-Fi movie of the same name) and grasshoppers leap to mind. Well, I don’t think most of today’s (or tomorrow’s) consumers are too interested in snacking on the remains of their neighbors. Nevertheless, the idea of what kind of foods we will be chowing down on in the not-too-distant future is interesting to explore; especially considering that we can expect an increase of over 2 BILLION people living on the planet by 2050.
Just how will 9+ billion people feed themselves? Well, just consider the strides in food production and consumption that the world has experienced in the past 50 years. Where staples such as chicken and beef have been supplemented with genetically enhanced meat products, soybean and a host of other products that we consume daily, we can certainly expect even more dietary innovations to meet consumption needs. With this is mind, let’s take a look at the top ten foods of the future.
10. Vegetarian Meat

The idea of “meat” consisting of ingredients that don’t include animals would have seemed pretty far-fetched not so many years ago. Today, we know differently, and the trend in this area will continue to grow as population growth begins to outpace currently available food sources. Meat production is a huge and expensive industry. Vegetarian products, however, are cheaper to produce and tend to be healthier as well (great news for animal lovers).

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