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In this post i'll be talking about my top 5 favorite Internet radio stations.


Hey There,
Today I'll be talking about my top 5 online radio sites.
I've decided to do this list cause it does tie in to the cheap side come to think of it any radio does cause its free. But then you get that static noise or when your online you get that to a pint where the music stops and it buffers.
So heres a few sites I thought you might enjoy trying to have a listen in on online, these aren't in any order these are just my five favorite stations to listen to and I recommend them. So lets get started.

I love this radio station, because all you do is type it in pick a channel and start listening. The famous channel for this site is the Smooth Jazz channel. This site has other music such as 90's, Rock, and Metal to name a few.


This site is a festival of music. I mean this site holds 260+ stations and growing. Plus theres 2 different listening parties, the regular which the buttons will be in gray and the V.I.P which will be in blue. I have the regular. You can also become a broadcaster youself you'll have to pay a small fee of course.

ITunes Radio

Yea I know this is more of a music player then online radio but I recommend it.
Plus thats whats so cool,about this radio is the fact that it is built in to a music player. and when you get tired of it you can listen to your own playlist in Itunes.

Music Choice

Most people don't know about this channel cause there too busy watch the news or cartoons. i'm not sure if everyone gets this on TV but if not you can get it on the internet for sure. but on time warner cable on the last few channels you will find a block of music called music choice, it'll show the album artist and what not its like a radio but for tv pretty much. but what i really like about this radio is that is contiuous music with no commercials, thats right none, zip, nada, commercals no people talking over no we'll be right back after this, none of that. go check it out for yourself.

Slacker Radio

I just recently found this online radio and I found it a very nice find. Pretty much like Sky fm but you can make a playlist if you upgrade or you can create a station. also when it loads it tell you that its loading your digital libary" or "assembling countdowns and other stuff" I'm sure i says more each time you log in.

In Conclusion

Well those are my top 5 favorite online radios. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Now I have a question for you.

Whats your favorite type of music and what station do you listen to?

be sure to comment and share, i'd love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at


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4th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice read!

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