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The films you will see listed in this article is my own top five of films with unexpected endings. Usually I like good films but I do adore great ones. Especially the ones you will never forget.

Shutter Island | 2010 - Martin SCORSESE

If you are looking for a good action movie or a thriller, a one with a nice surprise I'll give you some tips. From The Sixth Sense to The Fight Club I have made a list of five films that, if you have not seen them yet, will leave you speechless; if you already know them invite your friends,so you can let yourself be surprised by how they will react before these formidable twists!
And since I do not like to spoil the surprise and unexpected endings I won't reveal a thing. You can calmly read the description of each film without running the risk of spoiling the final twist.

Shutter Island | 2010 - Martin SCORSESE

The federal agent Edward Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) reaches Shutter Island, an island with a huge psychiatric prison: where one woman is missing, Rachel Solando, accused of murder of her children. Teddy begins to investigate but the madhouse atmosphere wakes in him a series of terrible memories, and one night he dreams his wife (Michelle Williams), who died in a fire, who reveals that Andrew Laeddis, the man who set fire, is now in that madhouse ... I do not want you to say anything more, just know that the film is based on a fantastic novel by Dennis Lehane who is specialized in shocking twists!

Unexpected development :The reality and the identity of the protagonist

The others | 2001 - Alejandro AMENÁBAR

Island of Jersey, year 1945: a new housekeeper has come at villa Stewart, where she will take care of two photophobic children , which therefore can not be exposed to the sun. In this huge house, always dark, children spend a terrifying period, constantly convinced that every room is full of ghosts. Definitely one of the scariest films of recent years and with no special effects continues to terrorize. Nicole Kidman, is the main actress - the mother of the children.

Unexpected development :Everything that you see is not as it seems ...

Fight Club | 1999 - David FINCHER

The protagonist ,with no name (Edward Norton) one day , during a flight meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt).After a while and some adventures they've passed together they decide to share a house and live together. Tyler will involve him in Fight Club, a secret circle.The first rule of Fight Club is that you never ever have to talk about Fight Club. Things get complicated when in protagonist life enters Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) and soon two men start to "fight " for her. Maybe you already know how it ends, because someone has already told you, but don't worry you will still be amazed by watching this great film.

Unexpected development :Who is Tyler?!

The sixth sense | 1999 - Night SHYAMALAN

The psychiatrist for children Malcolm Crowe,( as he prepares to spend a relaxing evening with his wife), gets killed by his EX PATIENT , who years earlier had failed to heal from relationship problems. AFTER a year, the psychiatrist decides to take care of a similar case, the boy Cole Sear, who apparently suffers from paranoia and difficulties with the neighbor. After a long time when a boy starts to trust the psychiatrist, Crowe slowly becomes aware of his secret: the child SEES the dead people.

Unexpected development :It's similar to the film "The Others " everything that you see is not as it seems

The Game | 1997 - David

Nicholas Van Orten (Michael Douglas) is a multi-billionaire alone and depressed, always thinking about the suicide of his father, until his brother (Sean Penn) gives him a CRS membership card, for a very exclusive club. He starts to loose all his money and strange things are happening in his life. What is CSR organizing ?

Unexpected development :His birthday present


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