Top five movies of Eighties which gives me a thrill, even today.

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Some movies that you watch will be always remembered by you with a thrill. Time will not take away the thrill and the sense of elation when you think about them even after years.

Top five movies of Eighties which gives me a thrill, even today.

The Oscar winner of 1989, the movie unfolds the affection developing between an old lady and her ‘colored’ driver. Brilliant performances from Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman competing with each other till the end. The highlight of the movie is the industrial revolution and the sociocultural developments which could be felt with keen observation as the movie progresses. The efforts of Miss Daisy to remove her new ‘colored’ driver appointed by her son and later herself giving a Christmas Gift ( A book, mind you) at the same time telling him that it is not a ‘present’ were the most enjoyable scenes in the movie. Jessica Tandy shows that age is not a barrier to give a brilliant performance and rightly walked away with an Oscar for her role in the movie.
The movie is with the WWII background where in German Paratroopers adorning Polish Uniforms and lands in Norfolk , a small village where Winston Churchill is believed to be spending a quiet weekend. The plot is to abduct Churchill so that Germany will have a ‘bargaining power’. But the well laid, rehearsed plan is spoiled when a little girl falls into water and Sgt. Strum dives to save the girl and in the rescue process his identity is revealed. Despite that Col Kurt Steiner, brilliantly performed by Michael Caine, goes ahead with the plan and get killed in the climax. There are some touching dialogues where in a small girl at the Church asks Col. Steiner “why are you German and not one of ours? And Steiner’s reply “Take her away, before she spoils me fully”. Another attraction of the movie is the Character Liam Devlin played with ease by David Sutherland. Robert Duvall is impressive as Col. Radl
Another movie with WWII background. Steve McQueen performed very well as a prisoner who repeatedly trying to escape from the maximum security prison, where he was jailed along with other prisoners of war. The idea to bore a tunnel starting from one of their rooms to the nearby woods is filmed well in detail, including their signal to pull them in out of the tunnel. Another notable performance from Charles Bronson who’s character has claustrophobia and refuses to go into the tunnel. All that meticulous planning gets busted when a myopic colleague comes out of the tunnel, right into the foot of the prison guard. In the climax scenes the motorcycle stunts performed by Steve McQueen, wherein he jumps over a barbed fence riding his motorcycle is a real thrill to watch. I have also enjoyed the picturesque greenery shown throughout the movie.
A horror movie, where in a psychic husband stalks his divorced wife to kill her. Released in 1982 in Chennai and ran to full houses in Pilot Theater for weeks. The scene where in the nurse returns home in a terrified state, opens the door and the canary she keeps flies right across her face is a real scary one and gripped all the audience which was evident by each of those push back seats creaked in unison. The poster of the movie was also an attraction of that time which depicted a black skull in red background. After various attempts the psychic husband get nabbed in the climax, but not before giving the audience many more eerie scenes filled with horror.
This is one of Many Western movies which I have enjoyed watching in the early eighties. The movie has casts like Raquel Welch, Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds. The storyline is about robbing a train laden with rifles which will help the revolution the villagers are planning against the authorities. Burt Reynolds and Jim Brown show why they are at home when they are acting in western movies. The scene in which they ride down treacherous mountain side on horseback is real sight for the eyes. There are some punch dialogues as well. When asked “Where did you find him?” Jim Brown replies without batting an eyelid “I didn’t find him, he found me.” The scenes where in the train is robbed and the same arriving at a station in the village is filmed beautifully.


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