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I've been a triond user from 2009. This post attempts to convey my triumphs and pitfalls in my years with triond.

The Pledge

In 2009, while looking to monetize with my blog, I came across this wonderful site. It offered me the most important thing I was lacking in my blog - traffic. So I decided to give it a try. Initially it was quite difficult to generate traffic. Later I made friends and fans from the community which helped my articles get page views. I was getting like $1-2 in my first few months for my 5 articles. Later on I got busy and stopped using triond altogether.

The Turn

After 2 years, I checked my paypal account and woah ! I got richer by $10 for doing absolutely nothing. Also i got over 150 fans and 5 referrals. So I decided to write a few more. To my amazement I got 1000+ views per post per day for the next week or so. Everything seems to be going right uptill now, right ? Wrong! I got only a few cents from the thousands of views I was getting.

The Prestige - Epic fail !

With over 20,000 views I was only able to make $4. Reason ? The google rankings of triond has gone down and hence the eRPM has plummeted to some $0.1- $0.3. However the change in google policy has had its effects on all similar websites. I make the same amount which I used to make ( although now I deserve more :( ).

New Ventures

So now I am planning to start fresh with wikinut. Hope things go better here. Would love to make a few friends here also.

If you plan to join triond pls use my referral :
I have a lot of connections in triond and will help you for sure :)
Thanks for reading, Take care and help me on wikinut.


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Engineering Graduate from BITS Pilani - Goa Campus, India. I have no hobbies, per se. I spend all my spare time exploring the net for some informative stuff.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Aug 2013 (#)

welcome to this wonderful site jacob...not great earnings to be had but it is for me the best site on the net and there are some fabulous writers here. but be aware there are some pretty nasty ones too who will bite if you appear to be stepping on their toes...

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author avatar sukkran
24th Aug 2013 (#)

i have posted few article there. but, i feel comfortable here. i love wikinuting.

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author avatar Retired
25th Aug 2013 (#)

I know right! Wikinut is so much more homey and comfortable than triond

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author avatar Retired
17th Nov 2013 (#)

The thing about Triond is it is easy for a scam writer to get the article through. There is a guy on bubblews actually boasting about it. I am trying to get all my articles off of there now as I don't want them associated with the poor quality Triond now offers.

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